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New You – Success Keys

July 20, 2020

Encounter Grace Course Part 12

If you have been Born Again, then in Christ Jesus you are a New Creation, and you have a New Spirit. You are a Tri-Part being, comprised of Spirit, Soul and Body.

Discussion over the Nature of Man has been continuing on for 1,000’s of years, going back to Ancient Greece with Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Amongst other things these distinguished philosophers tried to understand and explain the nature of the Soul.

The New Covenant gives a clear understanding of the relationship between the Spirit of Man and the Soul. The Word of God is spoken of as being able to divide the Soul and Spirit. It is essential to understand this distinction if you are going to be able to Renew your Mind with the revealed Word of God.

Sometimes we still carry with us the problems that we may have had before we were Born Again. These emotional issues are due to several different factors.

Firstly, our Mind may not yet be completely Renewed with Revelation of the Word of God, especially the Pauline Epistles. If we don’t know what the Word has to say about Who we are in Christ Jesus, how can we place our Faith in it? We need to exercise our Faith in the Gift of Righteousness that has been given to us by Grace. We have been made Righteous because of the Substitutionary work of Christ at Calvary. Christ became Sin so that we might become the Righteousness of God.

Secondly, we may be holding onto a root of bitterness by refusing to forgive someone who has wronged us in our past. This unforgiving attitude is the cause of many of our emotional grievances. We think that we are justified in holding onto this pain, but in actuality it is distorting the way we see ourselves. We can see ourselves as damaged goods, and feel like we are not able to shake off this perception. However, if we let go of the hurt by releasing the power of forgiveness towards whoever has done us wrong, we are suddenly able to receive the Love of our Father God.

If you are unable to let go of resentment no matter how hard you try, let your heart surrender to the Grace of Jesus. By acknowledging that you cannot forgive the offender but wish to, you can ask for Grace in your time of need. The Grace of Jesus will fill you with the Love of God, and you will find this Agape Love will enable you to forgive.

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