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How to Win the Game of Life

Many people are stuck in a repeating Cycle of Playing the Blame Card and the Victim Card, and cannot seem to break free from it, and as a result are losing the Game of Life badly.

In our current “Cancel Culture” popularity, blaming others and society and our families for our current woes, has become a rewarded lifestyle.

No need to accept responsibility for your actions and behaviour, because its all the fault of your schooling or family upbringing or social status.

Paul in his first Letter to Timothy taught the essential Key to Winning the Game of Life.

1 Timothy 6v12

“Fight the Good Fight of Faith”

To stay in the realm of God’s Faith is required to overcome every obstacle. This is very easy to talk about, but not everyone knows how to do it.

There are opposing Spiritual Forces that try to tempt us to move out of the Faith Realm, and into the Feelings emotional state of mind. Sometimes we say this, “I feel depressed and down today, so I don’t want to Pray because I don’t have the Faith.”

Only you can sabotage your own Faith, nobody else can take you out of the Winning Circle of Faith and Grace.

We believe God for the victory in our circumstances, and when we encounter obstacles and reversals of fortune, which we all occasionally do, we call upon the Grace of Jesus to fill us with His overcoming Faith.

To Win the Good Fight of Faith, we first have to acknowledge that we are in a Faith Fight. Some Believers have no idea that they have to Fight to stay in the Faith Realm, and as such are easily drawn into Life’s Dramas where they start Playing the Blame Card and the Victim Card.

The instant that you start Blaming others for your current predicament, you start Losing the Game of Life. In fact, Playing the Blame Card is a guarantee for Losing the Game. You cannot act in Faith, and start Blaming at the same time, it is immediately Game Over and you Lose.

Yielding to the desire to Play the Blame Card and the Victim Card comes from submitting to the wrong spirit. When we are strong in the of Faith of Jesus, the last thing we are wanting to think about is your own Self-Pity.

Self-Pity focuses inwardly on our own failures and weaknesses, whereas Faith looks unto Jesus and the power of the Holy Spirit to put us over.

You can Win the Faith Fight every time by refusing to yield to Self-Pity, and by permanently removing the options for the Blame Card and Victim Card from your Playing Game.


“I am Playing the Faith Card to Win the Game of Life”

How to Overcome Discouragement through Prayer

When we are going through times of discouragement we can sometimes not feel like Praying because our Faith is low.

We can question God by asking,

“Why did you allow this problem to happen to me?”

At our lowest point the Grace of Jesus Christ is available to us in abundance.

Look unto Jesus Christ the Author and Finisher and Giver of our Faith, and ask for Grace to help you in your time of need.

Tell Jesus about your difficulties and challenges, but ask for His Grace to fill your heart with His Faith.

As you do this you will find that the Grace of Jesus gives you a new confidence to create solutions, no matter how impossible your obstacles may seem.

Would You Like to Get Your Prayers Answered?

Most of the time we use Prayer as a last resort, and consider it to be a kind of ‘Wishful Thinking’.

However, to get your Prayers answered you have to move beyond the ‘Wishing Well’, and into the Realm of Faith.

Jesus Christ taught on the Subject of Faith in the

Gospel of Mark Ch 11 v22,23,24

“And Jesus replying said to them , Have Faith in God constantly”

This is the first ingredient for successful Prayer, and that is constant Faith. When you are making Supplication to the Lord for your needs you are exercising your Faith in Prayer.

If you find yourself discouraged with the cares and problems of this life, ask for the Grace of Jesus to fill you with His Faith. Grace will enable you to be consistent with your Prayer of Faith when you become downcast because of the negativity of people or adverse circumstances. Grace gives you the Faith of Jesus overcome any obstacle or seemingly impossible situation.

When you are feeling depressed, take your eyes off your problem onto our Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Author and Finisher of our Faith, and the Holy Spirit will greatly encourage You.

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Craig Holme – 2021/2022/2023/2024

The New You – Restore your Identity

Would you like to Restore Your Identity?

Craig Holme Spiritual Inspiration

In Christ Jesus you are a New Creation. This New You is the person that God created you to be, before we lost our true identity through Sin.

This is why there is so much identity confusion in the Western world today. When we reject Christ we become confused as to who we really are.

As a Christian it is essential to positively affirm your New Creation Reality. Our experiences of failure, weakness and mistakes in the Game of Life tend to erode our inner picture of who we believe we are.

When you are first Born Again in Christ, you receive this New Identity with joy and enthusiasm. But then we go through relationship breakups, business failures, emotional dramas, health problems, and other setbacks. We start to see ourselves as failures, instead of victorious New Creations.

This is where many Christians lose the vitality of their Faith, and as…

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How To Avoid Disconnection With God

Is it possible to disconnect yourself from the Presence of God?

It is very simple and easy to connect with God, and experience His Presence in your life. In fact, it is so straightforward and uncomplicated that you would need a Theological Professor to confuse you about it, as they often try to do.

All you have to do is accept and profess the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, and you are Saved.

Romans 10 v9

“If you declare with your mouth ‘Jesus is Lord’. and Believe in your heart that God Raised Him from the dead, you will be Saved.”

Some Believers tend to disconnect themselves from the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, by adding demanding Religious Rules and spiritual exercises, and Prayer Beads, and observances of certain Ceremonies and Days, as conditions of Salvation. This is a Huge Mistake, and the Apostle Paul is bold enough to proclaim in his Letter to the Galatians in Turkey, that anyone telling you to do so will be Cursed.

This is Not a Religious Game where we can earn Points by vainly repeating Prayer Formulas several times per day.

You cannot add anything to your Salvation, you receive the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ the Son of God by Faith.

In Galatians Chapter 1v3 AMP Paul states,

To the Churches of Galatia

“Grace to You and Peace – Inner Calm and Spiritual Well Being -“

The first step to avoid being disconnected with God is to ask yourself,

“Is this repetitious and Self-obsessed Religious Duty that I am being told is necessary for my Salvation, disturbing my Inner Calm and Well-Being?

What is the Price that I am Paying for Losing my Peace with God?”

Paul emphasizes Grace to the Galatians from the outset to challenge the hypocritical Religious Rule Keepers.

Galatians 1v3,4 AMP

“From God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ,

Who gave Himself as a Sacrifice to Atone for our Sins – To Save and Sanctify us,”

It is right here that the Religious Rule Scoreboard Keepers completely miss the point.

Jesus Sacrifice at Calvary was a perfect work to Save and Sanctify us, it doesn’t need any additional Atonement work from Jesus Christ, and it provides for our Sanctification completely. The Blood of Jesus Christ has the Power to cleanse you from all Sin.

No amount of repeating the same Prayer to another Deity using Prayer beads is going to bring you closer to God, but rather it will disconnect you from the presence of the Holy Spirit.

The minds of the Scoreboard Keepers have become blinded to the Saving Grace of Jesus by various silly Religious Traditions.

Galatians 1 v4 AMP,

“So that He might rescue us from this present evil age, in accordance with the Will and Purpose and Plan of our God and Father – to Him be ascribed all the glory through the ages of ages. Amen.”

From this we can see that God our Father has a definite and very clear Will, Purpose and Plan for our Salvation, which Paul was chosen by Jesus Christ to reveal to us.

Some have distorted this Salvation Plan to say that Paul was in fact a Scoreboard Keeper himself, and we shall see that nothing could be further from the Truth.

The question is not, “Was Paul Catholic or Protestant?”, but rather, “How does the Gospel of Grace expose the perversion and distortion of the Gospel?”.

Galatians 1v6 AMP

Perversion of the Gospel

“I am astonished and extremely irritated that you are so quickly shifting your allegiance and deserting Him who called you by the Grace of Christ, for a different – even contrary Gospel.”

Did Paul Say,

‘I am astonished that you are deserting Sabbath Keeping, Religious Scoreboards, Prayer Rituals on a certain number of times per day, Spiritual Hypnotic Ceremonies, Prayer Beads to Deities, conceited and nugatory Repetitious Prayers, lighting candles and incense to statues and images, the Confessional, abstaining from eating certain foods, and venerating objects.”


“Don’t you understand that you have to Score Points in a Cosmic Religious Game in the Sky to Please God”?

Or did Paul Say,

‘You are deserting the Grace of Christ’?

Galatians 1v7 AMP

“Which is really not another Gospel, but there are obviously some people masquerading as Teachers, who are disturbing and confusing you with a misleading, counterfeit Teaching and want to distort the Gospel of Christ, twisting it into something which it obviously is not”.

Unfortunately these Scoreboard Teachers are very prevalent in many denominations today.

Copyright- All International Rights Reserved- Omega Course

Craig Holme – 2021/2022/2033/2024

How Can You Connect With God?

When I was at University studying Philosophy, Politics, Anthropology and Psychology, I found that the ideas being taught caused many of the students to become very cynical about life.

As I started believing some of the Marxist content in the courses I became more and more filled with angst and a feeling of separation from my friends and other students. The more I studied Philosophers who mocked God and all moral virtues and goodness, the worse this sense of anxiety. I discovered that the same thing was happening with other students, who kept asking me to score all kinds of illicit drugs for them because they knew I was a user.

What became very disturbing for me was seeing students enter the humanities courses reasonably happy with their lives, but then become more and more depressed as they were indoctrinated with Marxist philosophy. Students who previously were not using drugs at all, were now asking me for drugs all the time, even though I was not a dealer, but must have looked like one to some people. I saw the deterioration in their well being and began to ask myself what was causing this dependency on drugs. For me the marijuana, Hashish, LSD, Mushrooms and other drugs were all part of my existential search for meaning. Whereas for others it was obvious they were looking for a panacea for a meaningless existence, and the subsequent depression resulting from this. LSD and Magic Mushrooms in particular, game me intense and amazing insights and experiences into the spiritual world, which involved both good and bad encounters, that the Marxist materialism that I was studying taught me to deny.

At the same time I became friends with a group of evangelical, born again Christians, who were not using any illicit drugs, yet were happy and joyful most of time. This created a serious quandary for my then worldview.

Here were the happy-clappy Christians, that were completely ridiculed and seen as the ‘enemy’ by almost every author I was studying, enjoying life and having a good time, whilst many of the uni students were trying to fill the void in their life with drugs, excessive alcohol consumption and gambling. This led to an increasing state of perplexity that I was unable to resolve.

The Christians were inviting me to connect with God through Jesus Christ, which I had no idea how to do, even though I was supposedly a ‘Catholic’. The bible believers were asking me to repent and ask Jesus Christ into my life. If they had asked me this in Latin,

“Paenitet enim vita tua, et in Christo Iesu Suscipe Pro Domino”

I would had a better chance of understanding it because I had no idea what this meant, or how to do it.

My response to everything was, “That’s ok, I’m a Catholic”.

Didn’t they realize that we Catholics didn’t actually believe our religion for the most part?

To repent was a totally foreign concept to me, and I told them,

“Why would I want to repent, as I haven’t done anything wrong?”

What drew me in was the presence of the Holy Spirit, that I could experience when they gathered together for fellowship anywhere. This amazed me because the Holy Spirit would manifest His Presence at a Beach BBQ in the same way as at a Church Service. I could not deny the tangible, electrifying acquaintance with the person of the Holy Spirit.

Would you like to Connect with the Holy Spirit?

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Craig Holme – 2021/2022/2023/2024/

Is there a Better Way to Connect with God?

Are You Seeking to Please God By Following Religious Rules? – 2

Grace Vs Religious Rules

The Book of Galatians brilliantly exposes this intense Spiritual Battle between Law and Grace.

We often tend to want to revert back to a Spiritual Formula of certain Religious Rules or Prayer Recipes or Mantras or Moral Laws, to try to please an angry and distant God or Deity.

The reason we do this is because we feel a separation from the God or Deity that we are worshipping.

As a result, our Inner Critic says to us, “You can’t feel the presence of God because you haven’t said your Prayer Ritual three times today, you need to get your Prayer Beads and repeat it 6 times to make up the difference, and then you will atone for your Sins and feel better”.

Is there a better way to stay connected with God ?

Paul explains this Better Way in Galatians,


“Grace to You and Peace – Inner Calm and Spiritual Well Being – from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.”

Often Galatians is discussed in connection with Martin Luther and Paul’s Revelation from Jesus Christ by so called “Theologians”. The aspersion is made that both Martin Luther and Paul were obsessed with the ‘Justification by Faith’ doctrine to the exclusion of all else. This verse completely refutes that concept as Paul introduces himself with the topic of Grace, and was a Teacher of the Gospel of Grace, of which Martin Luther was well aware and an advocate of.

The Apostle Paul is so clear in his illustrations of the triumph of the Grace of Jesus that you would need an ignorant Theological Professor to confuse you. The concept of Grace is the choking point for most critics of Paul and Martin Luther.

Did Paul say,

‘Faith to you Only, from God our Father, and there is No Need for anything else, because I’m a Preacher of Salvation by Faith and you can forget about all this airy-fairy Grace talk’?

Paul’s emphasis on Grace was what caused most of the controversy and opposition at the time from the Religious Hypocrites with their Prayer Beads, just as it does today with the accusation of ‘Hyper-Grace’.

Both Paul and Martin Luther are unfairly accused of being “Faith Only” teachers, and these insinuations come from Legalistic Rule Keepers who are threatened by the Gospel of Grace which we receive by Faith. As Paul and Luther knew well, the Gospel of Grace is not understood through head knowledge of a mathematically calculated spiritual concept, but through an encounter with a person, the Grace of Jesus Christ.

Have you experienced the Grace of Jesus Christ?

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Craig Holme – 2021/2022/2023

Are You looking for the Life Giver?

Many are searching for an answer to their own angst.

Some seek relief in illicit drugs, others in Gambling, in Porn, in Video Games.

There is no escape in any of these diversions, they only make things far worse with the pain of addiction.

Others seek the solution to their internal struggles in Religious Laws and Games.

Some say, “ All you have to do is recite this Prayer Mantra over and over again, and you will achieve your Nirvana”

Of course it doesn’t work. You get satisfied for a while but it soon wears off.

It reminds you of the Black Sabbath Song Paranoid, and the lyric “Think I’ll lose my mind if I don’t find something to satisfy”

What can satisfy your anguished soul ?

Only the Spirit of our Creator, the Holy Spirit. You May have a Religious idea about the Holy Spirit, but you have never encountered Him.

Once you have been Born Again by asking Jesus Christ into your life and confessing him as Lord, you then need to be asked to be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Do you Want Religious Rituals or do you want to experience the reality of the Person of the Holy Spirit?

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Craig Holme – 2021/2022/2023

Are you Seeking to Please God by following Religious Rules?

Why are you seeking to please God by following Religious Rules and Laws?

Grace Vs Old Covenant Law

The Apostle Paul’s Letter to the Galatians in Turkey is a brilliant and Holy Spirit inspired illustration of the difference between being Saved by the Grace of Jesus Christ, and the bondage of the Old Covenant Law.

Paul is abundantly clear in Galatians about the dangers of becoming entangled in the Spider Web of the Law, yet many Believers are still that the observance of the Sabbath Day, or abstaining from certain foods, or Candle and Incense Rituals, or the endless and mindless recital of certain Prayers or Meditations, is essential to their Salvation.

In Galatians Chapter 1 Paul states,

“Paul, an Apostle, not Commissioned and sent from men nor through the agency of man, but through Jesus Christ – the Messiah – and God the Father, who raised Him from the dead,

v2 and all the brothers who are with me”

It is important to understand why Paul first of all established his Commission as coming directly from Jesus Christ. Paul wasn’t one of the original disciples, he was at that time a fanatical Pharisee who was extremely diligent in following the precepts of the Law.

Paul knew and understood the Old Covenant Law far better than any of the Believers in Galatia. Paul wrote most of the New Covenant from the revelations that he received directly from Jesus Christ and God the Father, not from the other Apostles. This set him apart with his Divine Commission as an Apostle to establish many early Christian Churches with Gentile and Jewish converts.

Paul was well aware that there would those Self-Righteous and hypocritical Pharisee types, that would try to bring the Churches that he was responsible for back into the trap of religious law keeping.

Galatians 1v2

“To the Churches in Galatia: Grace to you and Peace, inner calm and spiritual well being, from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ”

Notice Paul did NOT introduce his Letter with,

‘May you be fully obedient to the Law at all times, and above all make sure you Keep the Sabbath, you unholy Sinners’

No, Paul establishes from the outset that he is a Preacher of the Gospel of Grace. If Paul were to teach like this in some Churches today he would be classified as a ‘Hyper Grace Preacher’. Paul made it clear with “Grace to you and Peace” because he knew that they would have lost their inner peace and spiritual calm with all the attempted Law Keeping.

If you are trying to please God with strictly keeping the Sabbath, your own conscience will ask you, ‘Are you keeping the Sabbath perfectly?’

If we are going to be honest with ourselves we will have to admit that we are not following Religious Rules and Laws perfectly, and this can lead to internal disquiet and Self Condemnation.

On the other hand, if we tell ourselves that we have achieved Spiritual Perfection and are following the Law without making any mistakes, this then leads to Spiritual Pride and haughtiness.

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Craig Holme – 2021/2022/2023/2024

Grace Vs Cancel Culture

Grace Vs Cancel Culture

Craig Holme Spiritual Inspiration

The Missing Key in most peoples understanding of our Lord Jesus Christ’s Prayer,

“Give us this Day, our Daily Bread”

is How to Receive our Provision from Heaven.

There are two extremes of Theology Teaching have created fallacies, which totally distort the clear instruction in the Holy Scripture as to the Biblical Plan for Financial Provision and all forms of Daily Bread. These errors open the door for the insidious Ant-Western Cultural indoctrination program prevalent in some Theological Seminaries.

1 – Poverty is Holiness

2 – Prosperity is only for My Benefit.

When we look at what the Scriptures plainly Teach about Provision and Prosperity, it is obvious that you would need a Politically Correct Professor of Theology to confuse you with ‘Cancel Culture’ hysterical nonsense, to not understand the Message of Jesus.

In Luke Ch6V20-21 Jesus said,

“Then he looked up at his Disciples and said,

‘Blessed are you…

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