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Law of Attraction Vs Politics of Envy

To successfully activate the Law of Attraction we need to release our Faith for the things that we desire. On the other hand, the Politics of Envy requires its adherents to look upon the things of others with avarice and greed, thereby creating an envious response.

Whilst I was at University in my younger days studying Politically Correct Politics and Philosophy, I became an unwitting devotee of the Politics of Envy. Without fully realising why I was thinking this way, I began to despise anyone with wealth or any kind of success. I became aware that I was jealous and envious of nearly everybody, which I gradually came to understand was a product of my PC indoctrination, because I normally was not inclined to be resentful towards others.

When you understand the Law of Attraction you have confidence in Who You are, and because you feel happy with yourself, you don’t need to put someone else down.

Copyright – Craig Holme – 2020/21/22/23

The New You – Law of Attraction

Why doesn’t the Law of Attraction work for the majority of people?

This Spiritual Law of Attraction sounds great in theory.

It says essentially,

Think Good thoughts and Good things will come to you.

So why can’t we make it work?

The problem is that we encounter endless negativity in our daily lives, and are not taught how to deal with it. The challenges come both from within ourselves and from those we interact with in the Game of Life.

The missing ingredient is Grace.

Jesus said “My Grace is sufficient for you, My strength is made perfect in weakness “.

When you are feeling overwhelmed by the issues of life, you can call upon the Grace of Jesus, who will fill you with Peace and Joy.

Copyright- Craig HOLME – 2020/21/22/23

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The New You – Attract Success

You attract what you focus your attention on.

These type of Spiritual Laws are created by God, and as such cannot be activated in a purely mechanical way. Those who suggest that we can program our mind for Success like a Computer, misunderstand the vital ingredient of Love.

The Apostle Paul in his Letter to the Corinthians, said that those who try to use the Spiritual Laws without Love are like loud Clanging Cymbals. Our relationship with our Creator God is Personal, and through Grace we receive the Love of God.

The Revelation of Gods Love for us is the foundation for our understanding of the great substitutionary work of Jesus Christ at Calvary. Christ became Sin for us so that we might become the Righteousness of God in Him. Our Sinful Nature was exchanged for for His Nature of Love.

You cannot understand this in terms of a computerised, impersonal transaction. You cannot Program your Subconscious with this revealed information, but you must Renew your mind to believe in this Grace, which you have been given by Jesus Christ through Love.

Then you will attract the Success you are looking for. If you believe that you are still a Sinner by Nature, then you will attract the very Sin or Drug Addiction or Gambling habit or Porn obsession, that you are trying to avoid. If you believe that you are a New Creation in Christ Jesus, you will be empowered to overcome all temptation and weakness of your flesh.

Copyright – Craig Holme- 2020/21/22/23

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The New You – Being your Best

Most people think that being your Best requires harsh self-discipline, exceptional willpower, super strict diets, and a flawless lifestyle that few of us can actually aspire to.

But, what if there was a far easier way to bring out your Best You?

Jesus said , “My burden is easy, my yoke is light”. Notice Jesus didn’t say, “My burden is overwhelmingly difficult, my yoke is so heavy that none of you will be able to bear it.”

God created our Self Image in His own Image. This New Creation You is received and activated by the Grace of Jesus, and not by any form of hard yakka style Spiritual gymnastics.

The New You is a New Creation in Christ Jesus which you have received by the Gift of Grace. You are Healed from all emotional scars caused by every mistake and failure from your past.

Copyright- Craig Holme- 2020/21/22/23

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The New You – Gift by Grace

The New Creation You is not something that you have to strive to create, rather it is a matter of believing in the Gift by Grace that you have received. Then the person that God created you to be is filled with Peace and Joy from the Holy Spirit.

So it is a matter of Faith and not of effort.

In some Personal Development seminars the idea is promoted that it is a lot of very hard work to improve your Self Image. You have to wake up at 4am every morning and meditate for several hours, practice rigorous self discipline, change your diet, undergo hypnosis, get therapy, and after having done all this for an extended period of time, you may be able to feel good about yourself. But, you never really know because your bad karma may catchup with you.

On the contrary,

In Christ Jesus your realisation of the New You is instantaneous, requiring only Faith in the substitutionary work of Christ at Calvary.

Jesus became Sin so that you might be made the righteousness of God. This means that you have been made right with God by His Grace, not by any effort or hard work on your behalf.

You are loved by our Creator, and your Self Image has been completely restored and renewed by His Grace.

As soon as you believe in this Gift of Grace you receive the revelation of Who you are in Christ Jesus, a New Creation.

Copyright- Craig Holme- 2020/21/22/23

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The New You – New Identity

We can choose to identify with either our old Sinful Nature, or our New Creation Nature which we have received by Grace.

Our Spiritual enemy knows that if he can get us to believe that we are still corrupt Sinners, then we will be permanently defeated. What you Identify with you end up becoming. If you believe that you are a New Creation in Christ you will live a victorious life, and you will be empowered by Grace to overcome Sin and other weaknesses.

Identification is our free choice, so you must decide to stop thinking about yourself as a depraved Sinner, and start declaring by the Power of the Holy Spirit that you are a New Creation in Christ Jesus.

Why do some Christians want to stubbornly hold onto the Old Image of themselves as a Sinner? Without the Power of the Holy Spirit it is impossible to completely defeat temptation and weaknesses. So those who cannot overcome Sin end up accommodating and excusing it, and this becomes part of their denominations theology.

In effect it’s like saying, “If we can’t beat Sin, then we had better not get people’s hopes up, let’s just tell everyone that we are still Corrupt Sinners who have been Saved.”

So the real source of this problem is not being able to overcome Sin because of a rejection of the Power and friendship of the Holy Spirit. By Faith the Holy Spirit empowers you to walk in the victory of your New Creation Reality.

This does not mean that we become free forever of the temptation to commit Sin, but we have the power of the Holy Spirit to overcome it because we are New Creations in Christ Jesus. If you see yourself in the light of what Christ has done for you, you will Win the Game of Life.

Copyright- Craig Holme- 2020/21/22/23

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The New You – Law of Attraction

The New You – Attract Success

The New You – Being your Best

The New You – Gift by Grace

The New You – Overcoming Envy

The New You – Restore your Identity

In Christ Jesus you are a New Creation. This New You is the person that God created you to be, before we lost our true identity through Sin.

This is why there is so much identity confusion in the Western world today. When we reject Christ we become confused as to who we really are.

As a Christian it is essential to positively affirm your New Creation Reality. Our experiences of failure, weakness and mistakes in the Game of Life tend to erode our inner picture of who we believe we are.

When you are first Born Again in Christ, you receive this New Identity with joy and enthusiasm. But then we go through relationship breakups, business failures, emotional dramas, health problems, and other setbacks. We start to see ourselves as failures, instead of victorious New Creations.

This is where many Christians lose the vitality of their Faith, and as a result become disenchanted. To change this situation ask for Grace from our Lord Jesus Christ to give you New Hope. Grace will empower you to believe in yourself again, by filling you with a Renewed inner picture of Success in Christ.

Grace will enable you to believe in yourself again regardless of your mistakes and failures.

Copyright- Craig Holme- 2020/21/22/23

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The New You

In Christ Jesus we have the answer for the poor Self Image problem that many people suffer with.

Firstly , we are created in the Image of God. When you consider how you feel about yourself it is a good idea to contemplate Who you are created in.the Image of. We are not created in the Image of highly evolved Monkeys, we are created in the Image of the Most High God.

Many believers have been told that they still are Sinners by Nature, but how can this be reconciled with being created in the Image of God? If you still see yourself as an unworthy, corrupt to the core Sinner, you will not be able to see yourself in the likeness of the Image of God.

Is Christ a Sinner?

Psychologists have found that we identify with sports heroes or celebrities, who we think we would like aspire to or be similar to.

You cannot identify with Christ and at the same time identify yourself as a depraved Sinner. You were a Sinner by nature, then you have been Saved by Grace, and now you are an entirely New Person in Christ . There has been a transformation and a substitution of natures.

You are a New Creation in Christ Jesus. The Image you have of yourself now is as a Winner who will overcome all obstacles, because as God is so are we in this world.

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How Faith Works

Some Believers are under the mistaken impression that Faith is a mystical concept that cannot be understood by mortal man. Yet in Mark 11 we can see that our Lord Jesus Christ wanted us to know how Faith Works. There is very little understanding of the principles of Faith because there is a lack of Revelation in the Church of the true nature of the Sovereignty of God.

Firstly, Jesus spoke in allegories that were readily understood by the Fishermen, Carpenters, Tax Collectors/Accountants, that were listening to him. Mountains in this context represented major problems or issues that we are facing in this life.

It is startling to REALIZE that Jesus taught about speaking to your problems before asking you to believe. This is because most people get the Believing part, but miss the importance of Saying. You must speak to your Mountain and command it to go. To the religious mindset this is very much an alien concept, because to those without Revelation it is solely up to God to remove mountainous problems from our lives, as that type of authority cannot be part of our domain .

Secondly, Jesus knowing that this passage would be disputed and in doubt by future generations, declares that he is speaking the Truth in his description of how Faith Works.

Thirdly, Jesus places emphasis on Speaking to the Mountain with a specific demand. He did not say “ Mountain please  go away” , nor did he say “Mountain go away only if it is Gods will that you leave”.

Your Faith will not work if your Spoken Command is ambiguous or full of doubt, or confused over whether it is Gods will to remove the problem. If you think that God is teaching you a lesson through Sickness or emotional distress or poverty, then you are unlikely to command your problem to depart with Spiritual Authority in Christ.


What do do you think ?

Do we have Spiritual Authority in Christ Jesus to speak to our problems in this life?

Or was Jesus just referring to ethereal concepts that have no relevance to the issues that we face in this time of trial?



Focus on Success

Wisdom comes by knowing about the possibility of failure, but not focusing on it. Some modern day psycho-babble gurus seem to suggest that if we think positively then we won’t encounter any form of failure or setbacks. This type of training is more about selling an euphoric high, than equipping people to deal with the harsh realities of life.

To be truly successful we cannot be focusing on failure, but we must learn from our mistakes and not ignore them. A real positive attitude can deal with challenges, without getting dragged downward into despair by them. An attitude of Faith looks for the Solution in the midst of the problem. This problem solver mindset is particularly valuable when the overall economy is going through a correction.

An established hierarchy will make way for the solution provider in times of crisis.

What is your Solution to the Problem?









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