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How to get your Prayers answered

All of us go through periods of temporary discouragement, where we wonder why it seems our Prayers aren’t being heard. Let’s look at what Jesus had to say about this topic in the Parables. This is not for the faint-hearted, if you are wanting to see results in your Prayer Life then the Parables of Jesus will challenge you to go Higher by refusing to Play the Blame Card.

Matthew 12 V29 AMP – “Or how can anyone go into a Strongman’s (powerful person) house and Steal his property unless he first overpowers and ties up the Strongman? Then he will ransack and rob his house.”

Whilst Jesus Christ was operating in his earthly Ministry before His Crucifixion, the religiously indoctrinated tried to accuse him of Healing the Sick by the power of Satan. The same thing happens today in Western countries when Ministers offer to Pray for the Sick. Immediately an indoctrinated Christian will say, “He is using the power of Satan”, insinuating by default that Satan has power to heal, whereas Jesus doesn’t. Jesus called this accusation “Blaspheming the Holy Spirit, of which there is no forgiveness”. Don’t allow the enemy to convince you that you have blasphemed the Holy Spirit, because you haven’t.

The Strongman in this Parable is a reference to Satan. In another verse, Jesus clarifies that Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy. Firstly, we need to understand that the cause of our trouble is in some cases Satan, and in most cases our own folly. Your problems are not caused by God to teach you a lesson,’you nasty sinner’, as some Teach. If you are confused over this you will never have confidence in Prayer that you will be heard and answered by Jesus Christ in the Heavenly Court of Justice, the Throne of Grace. Therefore Satan’s main aim is to get you to Blame God or the Government or other people for your problems. Playing the Blame Card causes your Prayers to be completely ineffective, and allows our spiritual enemy to cause havoc in your life. Instead of you defeating the works of Satan, you will find that Blaming opens the door to the Curse running rampant in your life and your family.

You can reverse the Curse and bring the Blessings of Heaven into your life if you decide to submit your requests to the Heavenly Courtroom without Blaming. Some Believers subtly Blame God by asking, “Why don’t you care about me?” , “Why do you answer other peoples Prayer and not mine?” This type of Prayer cancels out and nullifies your Faith. If you feel discouraged then ask for Grace in your time of need, and you will experience the Love of Jesus Christ. Grace will empower you to boldly request your needs in the Name of Jesus. However, you must deal with the Strongman. You do this by bringing the source of your problems before Jesus Christ, the Judge in the Heavenly Courtroom, and ask for Judgement on the trouble you are experiencing. Plead your case without Blaming or Complaining or Whinging. You can only defeat the Strongman by the Judgement of Jesus Christ on your situation, by Pleading the Blood of Jesus Christ you can defeat all enemies.

The Curse can only destroy your life, goods, health or your family if it has a Legal Right to do so through unconfessed Sin, disobedience to the Lord Jesus, or unhealthy habits of eating junk food, sugar and lack of exercise, or lack of wisdom. If you confess your Sins they will be forgiven and completely removed forever by the power of the Blood of Jesus. You can then ask for Judgement upon your problems with absolute confidence that your Prayers are heard and will be answered in the Name of Jesus before the Throne of Grace.


Legal Rights under Commonwealth Law

Legal Rights under Commonwealth Law -2

Legal Rights under Commonwealth Law -3

Legal Rights in the New Covenant – 4

Legal Rights to be Guilt Free – 5

Legal Rights to be Guilt Free – 6

Legal Rights to the Spirit of Life – 7



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Legal Rights to the Spirit of Life – 7

The very concept of being Sin Free by the Spirit of Life creates outrage from some Believers, and scepticism from others. Many have such a Sin Consciousness that they are unaware that the Book of Romans is a roadmap showing Christians precisely how to be free of Sin and all forms of bondage by the Power of the Spirit of Life.

Romans 8 V2 AMP – “For the Law of the Spirit of Life which is in Christ Jesus, the Law of our New Being…,

Some ignorant Christians have challenged me over our Spiritual Legal Rights, saying such things as, “I’ve been going to Church for 40 years and never once have I ever heard any Minister discuss our Legal Rights in Christ, therefore they must not exist.” Also, “Spiritual Legal Rights don’t exist in the Bible, Paul doesn’t talk about Spiritual Laws, just concepts like Love and Peace.” As well this classic misunderstanding from a supposed Reverend, “I’m not following any Rules and Spiritual Laws”.

It doesn’t matter whether we think that we aren’t following any Spiritual Laws, so, therefore they don’t apply to us. That would be like saying to the Police if you were caught speeding, that the Laws don’t apply to you. We are either operating under the Law of the Spirit of Life which is in Christ Jesus, or the Law of Sin and Death, there is no middle ground option. Why did Paul call the Spirit of Life a Law, if there are no Spiritual Laws or Legal Rights? The Spirit of Life functions in our Life according to Spiritual Law, not as many suppose in a whimsical, fairytale style fashion. You have a Legal Right in Christ Jesus to the Spirit of Life. You receive the Spirit of Life by the Law of Faith, given to you by the Grace of Christ.

The Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus has made you a New Creation, the Law of our New Being. You are now filled with Light, Grace and Peace by the Spirit of Life, the darkness has gone. If you are held in bondage under the Law of Sin and Death, then no amount of meditation, the lighting of incense, prayer beads, chanting of mantras, or other religious exercises can help you escape the darkness within.

The Rolling Stones in their hit song, ‘Paint it Black’, told it like it is, ” I look inside myself and see my heart is black”. Meditation under the Law of Sin and Death takes you further and further down into the abyss of total darkness and despair. It is a Spiritual Law, you cannot escape it, without calling upon the Grace of Christ Jesus.

When you are trapped under the Law of Sin and Death your whole perception of life is negative, and you are open to delusions of all kinds. ‘Paint it Black’ continues, “I see my red door I must have it painted black”. The Law of Sin produces the death and darkness in our Souls that make us see everything under the gloom of pessimism, we can no longer see the beauty and colours given to us by the Grace of the Spirit of Life. In fact, we fight against the Law of the Spirit of Life, because it shines the Light on our darkness. “Paint it Black’ describes this in brutal reality, “Maybe then I’ll fade away and not have to face the facts”.

Rather than hide yourself from the Light of the Spirit of Life, why not open up and receive the Grace of Christ who will deliver you from the Law of Death. It’s not easy to defeat the Law of darkness and depression by self-effort because it’s actually impossible to free yourself from this Law without Grace. ‘Paint it Black’ – “It’s not easy facin’ up, when your world is black”. Your whole world can become filled with Light and colour again if you decide to choose to receive the Spirit of Life by Grace, and put the Law of Sin behind you. It’s tragic today that some people have been told to think that living a lifestyle of Sin is real freedom. There is no liberty being trapped in the Law of Death, as true freedom is found by not being enslaved or imprisoned by the Law of Sin.

‘Paint it Black’ continues, “I could not foresee this thing happening to you”.  You didn’t realize that opening the door to the Law of Death was going to bring such havoc into your life, but now you have an escape into the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus by Grace.

Perhaps the songwriters may have unwittingly given us a glimpse of Grace in the next verse, “If I look hard enough into the settin’ sun my love will laugh with me before the mornin’ comes” If you look into the Light Of Grace your heart will be filled with Love and Joy of Jesus.


Legal Rights under Commonwealth Law

Legal Rights under Commonwealth Law -2

Legal Rights under Commonwealth Law -3

Legal Rights in the New Covenant – 4

Legal Rights to be Guilt Free – 5

Legal Rights to be Guilt Free – 6



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Legal Rights to be Guilt Free – 6

Would you like to be Free of all Guilt and Condemnation?

The Psychologist and Psychiatrist offices worldwide are full of Christians suffering from unresolved Guilt issues. However, the Apostle Paul is very clear in Romans how we can be completely free of the emotional pain caused by Guilt.

Romans Ch 8 V1 KJV – “There  is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus..”

From this first part of the Verse we can therefore deduce that there must be a proviso for being Guilt Free, because as we have stated, Guilt is rampant amongst Believers. One thing is very clear from this, and that is Christians should not be suffering from Guilt and Condemnation in Christ Jesus. The next part of this Verse shows us how we can be free of Guilt.

Romans Ch 8 V1 KJV continued – “who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.”

So it boils down to a choice we have to make, walk after flesh and we will suffer from Guilt, or walk after the Spirit and we will be completely Free of the anguish of Guilt and Condemnation. This is so obvious that you would need a proponent of Politically Correct nonsense to convince you otherwise. Notice how Paul uses the word WALK in this context, “walk not after flesh”. Walk is a description of a voluntary action that you must take. To follow the dictates of the flesh you must do something, you need to decide to follow impulses that lead to a conviction of wrongdoing. The word Flesh used here also carries more meaning than just the body, it also encapsulates your desires. So if you desire to commit Sin, you are considering following your Flesh, but you don’t actually commit a Sin until you Walk after your desire. The Law of Sin and Death is then activated, and you reap a harvest of Guilt and Condemnation.

How can we be Free of the Law of Sin and Death? By Walking after the Holy Spirit. Fellowship with the Holy Spirit immediately lifts you out of the realm of all negative emotions, including also depression and anxiety. The Flesh will present an argument to your own ego to try to prevent you from walking with the Holy Spirit. Your ego acting as an Inner Critic will tell you, ‘You will not be able to resist these desires that you have for Gambling or Porn or Illicit Drugs.’ Your response should be, “I can overcome all these desires by the power of the Holy Spirit who strengthens me in Christ Jesus, and I am Guilt and Condemnation Free.”

Would you like to be Guilt and Condemnation Free?


Legal Rights under Commonwealth Law

Legal Rights under Commonwealth Law -2

Legal Rights under Commonwealth Law -3

Legal Rights in the New Covenant – 4

Legal Rights to be Guilt Free – 5

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Legal Rights to be Guilt Free – 5

You have a Spiritual Legal Right to be Guilt Free in Christ Jesus. We are not talking about your Legal Rights in whatever country that you reside in. The topic of discussion in this Series of our Online Bible Study Course is your Spiritual Legal Rights in the Commonwealth of the Kingdom of God. It comes as a shock to many Christians when they awaken to the realization of their powerful Legal Rights, that they have not previously been claiming or benefitting from.

Romans Ch 8 V1 “There is therefore No Condemnation, No Guilty Verdict, No Punishment, for those who are in Christ Jesus, who Believe in Him as personal Lord and Saviour.” Jesus Christ cannot be your Saviour without also being your Lord. This represents an immediate challenge to the Anti-Christ Political Correctness Agenda. Satan was cast out of Heaven because he wanted equality with God. As such, there is no ‘Equal Rights for all’ in the Heavenly Court of Justice, because there is a very clear hierarchy. Jesus Christ is the absolute ruler and Lord of this hierarchy, and there is none that can claim equality with him. In fact, the act of claiming equality with our Lord Jesus Christ is seen as an act of treason by the Heavenly Court of Justice, with the most severe penalties of being sentenced to Hell.

You can only claim this Legal Right to be Guilt Free, if you have personally surrendered your rights to the ultimate ruler of the universe, our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. This is why you cannot support the PC Agenda and be Saved by Grace, as the two points of view are completely opposite and are in conflict with each other. The PC Agenda is designed to completely undermine all authority structures in our Common Law Legal System, exposing its real purpose which is Marxism by stealth.

Are you going to allow Jesus Christ to be Lord over your Guit and pronounce you Guilt Free in the Heavenly Court of Justice because this is your Spiritual Right?

Or are you going to stubbornly hold onto your personal right to feel Guilty and Condemned if you feel like it, and refuse to submit yourself to the Lordship of Jesus Christ ?


Legal Rights in the New Covenant – 4

To be able to correctly understand the Bible we need to see it as the Legal Document of the Commonwealth of the Kingdom of God. As soon as our eyes are opened by the Holy Spirit to see it this way, it is easy to understand the content and purpose of what is being stated. The Book of Romans is actually a Revelation of our Legal Rights in Christ Jesusalthough many are completely oblivious of this.

In Romans Ch 8 V1 AMP , Paul explains this with absolute clarity, the only way to misunderstand this is to be deceived by an agnostic ‘Professor of Theology’ who thinks the Political Correctness Agenda makes the Gospel of Grace irrelevant.

“There is therefore now no condemnation, no guilty verdict, no punishment..” We can see here that Paul is establishing a Case for the outworking of our Righteousness in Christ which has been given to us as a Gift, and as such uses Legal language to establish his point. If the New Covenant is just a mystical, ethereal, airy-fairy document, where everything is vague, and ‘you never know what God is going to do’, then WHY use Legal terms to describe it. “No guilty verdict” and “no punishment”are terms used in a court setting, and here Paul is referring to the Heavenly Court of Justice. We have a Legal Right in the Heavenly Courts of the Commonwealth of the Kingdom of God to No Condemnation as a result of the Not Guilty Verdict which results in No Punishment.

If you were in a Local Court and you were charged with an offense, and the Prosecuting Attorney or Lawyer accused you of breaking the Law, you would wait for sentencing from the Judge. You would be found either Guilty or Not Guilty, and you would have a chance to plead your case. What would happen if the Judge pronounced you Not Guilty, and then you stood up to declare before the Court that even though you have been declared Not Guilty, you still feel Guilty, and therefore must be Guilty. You may be subsequently referred to the psychiatrist.

Yet, this is the way many Christians treat the Revelation of No Condemnation because of the Not Guity verdict in Christ Jesus. Some Believers will fight and argue to hold onto their false guilt, and will say “Well, I know the Scripture says that we have a Legal Right to No Condemnation, but I think that we should all feel guilty for our sins all the time. After all, I’m happy and comfortable with my guilt and condemnation.” So, in other words,  this person is trying to make an excuse to hide sin in their lives, which has consequences because of the Law of Sin and Death.

Those who try to doctrinally argue against the Revelation of Righteousness in Christ, often bring up that the Gift of Grace becomes an excuse for people to sin. In reality, those who refuse to accept the “No Condemnation because of the Not Guity verdict” of the Heavenly Court as our Legal Right, are the ones trying to cover up something in their lives. Refusing to break the power of Guilt by Pleading the Blood of Jesus over the sin causing it, is a sign of a lack of understanding of our blood sealed Legal Rights in the Commonwealth of the Kingdom of God.


Legal Rights under Commonwealth Law

Legal Rights under Commonwealth Law -2

Legal Rights under Commonwealth Law -3

Grace Vs Political Correctness

Legal Rights under Commonwealth Law -3

Do you have a Legal Right to stand before the Throne of Grace without any sense of Condemnation or Guilt?

You would think that the answer to this is obvious, yet many Christians are confused over their Legal Rights in the Kingdom of God. The reason for this is because we have not been taught what our Legal Rights in Christ are.

In Romans Ch 3:21 AMP, Paul explains our fundamental Right to be Guilt Free in the Kingdom of God. “But NOW the Righteousness of God has been clearly revealed, independently and completely apart from the Law.” So we can deduce from this that the Righteousness of God was NOT previously clearly revealed. So those Preachers who say that ‘we have to get back to good old fashioned Old Testament Preaching’, have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. The Righteousness of God was not clearly understood before Paul’s Revelation became known through his Letters, Epistles and Teaching. This Secret Wisdom revealed by Paul shocked the Religious world at that time, and they vigorously opposed it. Today we largely do not understand the power and extreme importance of this Legal Right to be Condemnation Free, and as a result some so-called ‘Theological experts’ are still confused over the Revelation of Righteousness by Grace.


This Legal Right to stand before Jesus Christ without any anxiety over past failures and weaknesses is essential to living a victorious Christian life. Romans Ch 3V21 AMP cont, ” though it (Righteousness of God) is actually confirmed by the Law and the Words and writings of the Prophets.” Paul is saying that whilst the Revelation of Righteousness was not abundantly clear to Noah, Moses and David and other Prophets, they knew something far better than what they had was coming. The Old Testament Prophets pointed to the New Way of Righteousness that we now have in Christ Jesus. We now have access to the Gift by Grace of Right Standing with God without having to recite Prayer Beads repeatedly in a monotonous fashion, light incense and candles daily, pray special prayers at certain times of the day, give offerings to Statues, fast on certain days, and endless other rituals.

When we Pray before the Throne of Grace we must declare our Righteousness in Christ as our Legal Right to be free of guilt. This gives you the legal basis to defend yourself and your family from every accusation from our Spiritual Enemy. If you are confused over Who You Are in Christ you will lack the confidence necessary to achieve your full potential and destiny for success.


Legal Rights under Commonwealth Law

Legal Rights under Commonwealth Law -2

What is the Kingdom Commonwealth ?


Bringing out your Higher Self

Grace supersedes Karma

Grace Beats Pie in the Sky

Grace Overcomes Guilty Desire









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Legal Rights under Commonwealth Law -2

In Romans Ch 3:20 Paul states, “For no person will be justified, freed of guilt and declared Righteous in His sight by trying to do the Works of the Law. For through the Law we become conscious of Sin, and the recognition of Sin directs us towards repentance, but provides no remedy for Sin.”

The Secret Wisdom that Paul is revealing here explains how to be freed from Guilt. Yet throughout the world the Psychologist and Psychiatrist Offices are filled with all kinds of Christians and other religious people grappling with guilt and related issues. Paul makes it very clear that the knowledge of Sin becomes apparent to us through the Mosaic Law. We had no idea that we needed to repent from Sin until we heard the precepts of the Mosaic Law. But then after hearing the Mosaic Law, we are confronted with an even bigger problem, unresolved guilt from our consciousness of our own failures and mistakes with no solution available. At this point, many of us try to find a remedy through religious rituals, meditation techniques, illicit drugs and anything else that promises to cure our pain. This is why Paul explains that you cannot cure your ailment by following the precepts of the Mosaic Law, without a remedy that changes your nature by the Gift of Grace. As you yield your heart to the Grace of Christ you will find that all guilt and anxiety leaves you, and you are filled with Love, Peace and Joy by the Holy Spirit.

Without the moral code of the Mosaic Law, we have no idea of what is Sinful. Everything becomes purely relative, and if it feels good then do it. However, as soon as we hear the moral code we know that we have made some choices that have been mistaken.

To establish your Legal Right to present your case before the Courts of Heaven, the Throne of Grace, you must deal with guilt and condemnation. If you think that you are still guilty of past sins and mistakes, ‘I’m just a corrupt sinner who has been saved by Grace’, then you are going to have no power to plead for your rights. This is why Paul goes to great length in Romans to establish our Righteous Identity in Christ. If you don’t know Who You Are in Christ, then you will easily submit to false ideas that appeal to our ‘common sense’, which lead to introspection and listening to our ‘Inner Critic’ point out our failures and weaknesses. Paul boldly declares that we cannot be freed from guilt by following the 5 Steps to Nirvana, or the 6 Meditation Techniques, or the 7 Prayer Beads, or the strict 8 Religious Rules, or the 9 ways to Penance, or the 10 Rituals for Purity, or any other form of Spiritual Legalism. This is not just about the Mosaic Law, our egos prefer a religious pathway of rules to follow to try to appease our conscience, which of course is all to no avail, as our Inner Critics will be quick to point out our failure to meet the perfect standards required. Right Standing with God is a Gift that comes by Grace from Christ which we receive by Faith, and it cannot be attained any other way.



Legal Rights under Commonwealth Law.

Secret Wisdom of Paul – 2

Secret Wisdom of Paul – 1

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Grace supersedes Karma

Grace Beats Pie in the Sky


Legal Rights under Commonwealth Law

When we discuss our Legal Rights before the Courts of Heaven it is sometimes stated by Christians that they have trouble understanding these principles that we are explaining. In fact, the more highly educated the person, in some cases the more confused and perplexed by the concept that we have Rights bestowed upon us by Grace in the Commonwealth of the Kingdom of God, do they become.

Yet those same university educated people tend to have an almost encyclopedic knowledge of their welfare rights under the legal systems of wherever they live. Those who have been instructed with secular wisdom are able to explain complicated rights that they are entitled to verbatim. Therefore, we can deduce that the reason that more Christians do not know about their Legal Rights before the Courts of Heaven is not a lack of mental faculty or of education.

We do not understand what we are entitled to in the New Covenant because we do not realize that we have to claim our Legal Rights to the Gifts of Grace. This lack of Revelation Knowledge is because many Christians misunderstand the Sovereignty of God.

It is sometimes stated, “Well, if God wants me to overcome these negative emotions, then He will do it for me, because there is nothing I can do about it. I guess I will be depressed for the rest of my life because it’s ‘Gods Will’.” The New Testament is a revelation of our Legal Rights that are ours to claim by Faith before the Throne of Grace, in order to receive those Heavenly Blessings that are rightfully ours in this life.

In Romans Ch 3:19 AMP it states,” Now we know that whatever the Law of Moses says, it speaks to those who are under the Law, so that the excuses of every mouth may be silenced from protesting and that all the world may be held accountable to God and subject to his Judgement.” It is very important for every Christian to understand the legal foundation of our Faith. Whilst we are under Grace and not directly under the Mosaic Law, this does not mean that the Legal System in the Holy Scripture has been done away with, in fact, it points to the fulfillment of the Legal requirements of the Mosaic Law in the New Covenant. Paul explains that the requirements of the Mosaic Law mean that nobody who has heard it has any form of excuse. The role of the Mosaic Law is to highlight and pinpoint our failures and weaknesses, but we have a Legal Right in Christ by Grace not to be condemned by this.  We need the Grace of Christ to forgive us for our Sins, and to redeem us so that we become the Righteousness of God in Christ, with no sense of Condemnation or Guilt.

The Legal language of the New Covenant shows us that God our Father has a Legal System in His Commonwealth. As a result, we have Legal Rights that we must claim as rightfully ours before the Heavenly Throne, these Rights themselves have been Sovereignly Gifted to you by Grace, but you still must exercise your Faith to receive them. Our Spiritual Enemy does not want you to discover this Secret Wisdom of God. For example, you have been given the Gift of Right Standing with God, and as such you have been made the Righteousness of God in Christ, you are now a New Creation, your old nature of Sin no longer exists.

Let us compare this with receiving the Gift of Knighthood from the British Monarch. Picture a male person presenting themselves before the Monarch, and then this person  was then Knighted by the King or Queen. From this point on under British Commonwealth Law, they are legally entitled to be called “Sir” before their name. But what would happen if that person suddenly stated to the Monarch after being Knighted that they, “didn’t feel like a Sir at all, and that perhaps the Knighthood was a failure.” What would the Monarch say in response to this person about this? This is how many Christians have responded to our Heavenly Monarch, our Lord Jesus Christ, towards our Gift of Right Standing with God. Whether you feel like you have received this Gift of Righteousness or not, should not prevent you from claiming your Legal Right to declare that you are the Righteousness of God in Christ, and that all condemnation and guilt and fear has no place in your life.


This is why the primary goal of the Political Correctness Agenda is the undermining of our Legal System of Justice, especially in the Supreme Court, so that the Mosaic Law foundations of our society would be dissipated.

Secret Wisdom of Paul – 2

Secret Wisdom of Paul – 1


How to receive Grace and Peace.

Roman Revelation




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What is the Kingdom Commonwealth ?

Grace Overcomes Guilty Desire

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Bringing out your Higher Self

One of the best ways to bring out your Higher Self is in your relationships. The way you respond to those closest to you will determine your level of Happiness.

The apparent contradiction which seems to elude most people is that your Higher Self is not selfish. Focusing totally on the needs of your Self will not bring out your best qualities, nether will inward looking meditation techniques make you happy or self-fulfilled.

This is exemplified in the lyrics of the hit Unbelievable by EMF.

“You burden me with your questions

You’d have me tell no lies

You’re always asking me what its all about, darlin listen to my replies

You say to me I don’t talk enough

But when I do I’m a fool”

Obviously, there is a lack of trust being expressed by the songwriter in his relationship,

but why is being asked questions a burden? Your current partner may be testing your sincerity in the relationship by asking pertinent questions. If your partner is telling you that your responses are foolish, this could be simply the reflection of a desire for a deeper and more meaningful expression of the love you have for each other. Your Higher Self will not get offended by this, but rather than being prickly you will respond in Grace. As a result of not being inwardly self-focused, your Higher Self will not get upset by being called a fool in this context, knowing that your partner is seeking your Love.

The lyrics continue,

“These times I’ve spent, I’ve realized

I’m going to shoot through and leave you”

Reaching this type of conclusion immediately disconnects you from your Higher Self because it is generally based on pure selfishness. Rather than discussing the issues as your partner wants, your Ego says its time to go so as to avoid the discomfort of having to empathize with your partner’s needs. Your Higher Self is energized by Grace, and as such is divinely connected to the Agape kind of Love. Your Higher Self is not dictated to by the selfish demands of your Ego.

The song illustrates this brilliantly,

“The things, you say,

Your purple prose just gives you away,

The things, you say,

Your unbelievable ( what the f…k)

You burden me with your problems

By telling me more about mine”

Your Higher Self is not burdened by listening to other people’s problems because your heart is filled with peace and joy from your Grace connection. If your partner starts telling you about your problems, what are they really wanting from you?

“I’m always so concerned

with the way you say

you’re always upset”

Why is your partner always upset?

“To think of us being one

is more than I ever know”

Do you want to be one with your partner?

“Seemingly lastless, don’t mean you can ask us,

pushing down the relative,

bringing out your Higher Self

Think of the fine times,

pushing down the better few,

instead of bringing out the clues,

to what the world and everything anger to,

brace yourself with the Grace of ease,

I know this world ain’t what it seems,”

The way to bring out your Higher Self is to flow with the waves of Grace. This means making a decision to not get caught up in anger by trying to justify yourself when your partner says something to upset you. Think of the good times that you and your partner have had, and allow the next wave of Grace to take you there again.



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Tom Jones and EMF


Grace supersedes Karma

You’re so Unbelievable

You’re Unbelievable

How to experience Grace.


Can I change my life ?

Grace supersedes Karma

Karma is a foundational concept in almost all the world’s religions.

But, what is the remedy for Bad Karma?

Often we say when something bad or detrimental happens to us or our relationships,

“It’s my Karma, what have I done to deserve this?” This is when people start playing the Blame Card on their parents, friends, partner or workplace.

We hear people saying, “It’s my partner’s fault that I’m not happy”.

This then leads people to consult with Gurus or Meditation ‘experts’ about the likely causes of bad Karma. People are then encouraged to dig up Sins, emotional problems, relationship issues, health related symptoms, from the past. There is no doubt that we all carry baggage from past conflicts, but focusing on them quite often leads to further psychological issues. We are told to let go of the drama, admit it wasn’t your fault, if it feels good then do it, don’t be too hard on yourself, give yourself a break, love who you are, and on and on. But the same people keep going back to the same therapy sessions over and over again. Obviously, something isn’t working.

Grace on the other hand, supersedes all negative Karma in our lives instantaneously. Grace fills your heart with the love, peace and joy of Jesus Christ the moment you yield your heart to Him. Grace heals your insecurities and anxieties, where no amount of self-help or willpower focusing mantras were able to help you.

When Jesus said, “My burden is light, my yoke is easy”, he was referring to the blessings that His Grace gives to you freely.

Many will respond to this by saying, “It can’t be that easy, life is hard and unforgiving and depressing.” But, it is just our egos that try to convince us that Grace cannot be freely available to us because we don’t deserve it.

Grace sets aside the negative Law of Karma as completely void in your life. The price of Bad Karma has already been paid for you by Jesus on the Cross of Calvary. He took upon himself the penalty for our sins, mistakes, failures and all the emotional repercussions of negative Karma. There is no longer any need for you to delve into, and deeply analyze your childhood dilemmas or present phobias, because Grace has absolutely annulled them all for you. By Faith you receive this Grace directly from Jesus Himself, there is no need to go through any other person in Heaven as an intermediary.

When we experience any form of negative emotions we need to call upon the Grace of Christ without fear or condemnation.

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Grace Beats Pie in the Sky

Grace Overcomes Guilty Desire

Grace Vs Political Correctness

Grace Revolution

How to receive Grace and Peace.