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May 25, 2023

Why is the Promise to Abraham and his Christian Descendants that we should INHERIT THE WORLD, being suppressed by Doris Day Calvinists and Traditional Pharisees and the Cults?

A Seminary Theologian would have to be an Agnostic to deny what Paul is plainly Teaching in his Epistle to the Roman Church.

Romans 4:13, AMP, “For the PROMISE to Abraham or his posterity, that he SHOULD INHERIT THE WORLD, did not come through observing the Commands of the Law but through the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF FAITH.”

This Promise to Abraham opposes the Anti-Salvation by Grace doctrines of the Adventists, Mormon and Jehovah Witness Cults, because the Promise comes through the Righteousness of Faith.

The Doris Day Calvinists oppose the Promise to Abraham because of the Word SHOULD in the Text in Romans 4:13, “ THAT HE SHOULD INHERIT THE WORLD,”

Should means that it is the purpose of God that Believers SHOULD Inherit the World, and is used to denote correctness and obligation and duty.

It is the OBLIGATION of all Believers to INHERIT THE WORLD, as Paul states in Romans 4:13, and to prevent this from happening Deception has entered the Church through the “Poverty is a Sign of Holiness” Gospel, so as to confuse Believers as to what is their DUTY.

If we Believe the Teaching of the Ritualistic Pharisees in their Red and Purple Robes, that Poverty proves our Piety, then we will not be able or willing to INHERIT THE WORLD, as we will see our INHERITANCE as something entirely evil and to be avoided.

What Believers are to avoid is the Lust of the Flesh in the World that those controlled by the Woke Agenda are promoting, and we are not to avoid the World by Parading the “We Are All Doomed” Placards on the Streets and “God has abandoned the USA” Posts on Social Media .

If Believers are completely Broke in Western Countries and not able to provide for their own needs, then how can we support Orphanages, Missions, Churches, and Homeless Shelters in India, Pakistan. Africa, South America and the Philippines?





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