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May 22, 2023

James reveals what Pure Religion is in James 1:27, CEV, “Religion that PLEASES GOD the Father must be PURE and SPOTLESS. You must help Needy Orphans and Widows and not let this world make you EVIL.”

The inference here from James is that there is PURE and IMPURE Religion.

To be IMPURE means to be mixed with foreign matter, and to be adulterated.

What Form of Pure Religion Pleases God?

According to James the PURE Religion that Pleases God the Father must help Needy Orphans and Widows.

Notice that James did not say that PURE Religion is only for a few specially chosen ELECT, and everyone else can go to hell, as the Doris Day Calvinists proclaim.

Neither did James say that PURE Religion strictly follows elaborate CEREMONIES and RITUALS wearing Pompous Regalia, to earn Grace Points that can be Redeemed to Buy a Ticket to the Stairway to Heaven.

Nor did James say that PURE Religion is only for the HAPPY CLAPPY In-Crowd, who are too busy Focusing on getting their New Mercedes than to be bothered about supporting the Salvation Army’s Homeless Shelters.

The Woke Agenda has been able to takeover the Theological Seminaries and Colleges because we have allowed our Christian Religion to become impure, by allowing Hypocritical Agnostic Theology “Professors” to Teach ‘demanding My Rights and Desires’ and rejecting and abandoning PURE Religion.






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