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May 21, 2023

Many Believers have the wrong kind of Faith.

Religious Ritualism and Doris Day Calvinism have taught a ‘PIE IN THE SKY’ type of Faith, and neglected KINGDOM FAITH.

Pie in the Sky Type of Faith results in Believers being so Heavenly or Rapture minded that they are no Earthy Good.

James addressed this issue in his Epistle, James 2:5, CEV, “My Dear Friends, pay attention. God has given a lot of Faith to the poor people in this world. He has also promised them a SHARE IN HIS KINGDOM that he will give to everyone who loves him.”

What is the difference between PIE IN THE SKY FAITH and KINGDOM FAITH?

As explained by James in his Epistle , Pie in the Sky Type of Faith can infect all kinds of Believers, and is very deceptive.

Pie in the Sky Type of Faith indoctrinates Believers into Thinking that the Christian Religion is all about the afterlife, and that the Kingdom is not available to Believers on earth and as such all Healing and Holy Spirit Gifts have Passed Away.






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