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May 19, 2023

Most Believers have no understanding that we should be Inheriting the Kingdom of God on earth.

Why should Believers Inherit the World?

Paul explains in his Epistle to the Roman Church, that it is a Promise by God to Abraham and his descendants that he should INHERIT THE WORLD.

Romans 4:13a, AMP, “For the Promise to Abraham or his Posterity, that he should INHERIT THE WORLD,”

Believers should Inherit the World because it is a Promise by God to Abraham and his descendants, which includes the Church of Jesus Christ.

Why are Believers NOT Inheriting the World?

Believers are not Inheriting the World because we have been Hoodwinked by Doris Day Calvinists and Traditional Ritualism into thinking that Christianity is a ‘Pie in the Sky’ Religion, with no Promises for the nasty HERE AND NOW WORLD.

How are Believers being Deceived into Not Inheriting the World?

Traditional Ritualism has been Teaching for over 1,000 years that Poverty is a sign of Holiness and Spiritual Piety, and the Doris Day Calvinists have been Teaching to the Protestants a hypocritical version of the Poverty Gospel where God chooses only a select few Elect to bless financially, whilst everyone else should remain broke because we shouldn’t ‘Love the World’.





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