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May 18, 2023

Whether we INHERIT THE PROMISE or not is the CHOICE of every BELIEVER.

The only way that we cannot Inherit the Promise is to allow ourselves to be deceived by Religious Traditions and Rituals, that would try to convince us that Poverty is a sign of Spiritual Piety and Holiness.

As BELIEVERS we determine the outcome of whether we will Inherit the Promise by our Faith through the Grace of Jesus.

Paul describes this in his Epistle to the Roman Church in Romans 4:16a, AMP, “Therefore, Inheriting the Promise is the OUTCOME of Faith and depends entirely on Faith,”

Notice that Paul does NOT SAY, ‘Inheriting the Promise is the outcome of PERFORMING RITUALS’.

Neither does Paul say, ‘Inheriting the Promise is entirely up to who God decides to choose, and God only chooses the Elite Elect to Inherit the Promise who have no say in the matter, and the rest of you have to suffer because it’s Gods Will.’

This Revelation causes those who have been indoctrinated by either Doris Day Calvinism or Legalistic Ritualism to go into a Meltdown.

If we can Inherit the Promise by Faith, then there is no point in conducting endless Rituals to try to appease an ‘Angry God’ and bargain our way into Heaven.

The Revelation of Inheriting the Promise by Faith changes everything for Believers by moving us out of Pie in the Sky Legalistic Ritualism, and into the Principles of the New Covenant.

Many Believers fail to understand that the New Covenant is a New Legal Agreement with the Church based on Grace.

Martin Luther first saw this in the Revelation given to him by Jesus Christ that we are Justified by Faith and not by Ritualism.




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