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INHERIT THE PROMISE – Unrealistic Expectations.

May 14, 2023

Inheriting the Promise is the outcome of Faith, therefore Unbelieving Believers will NOT INHERIT THE PROMISE.

However, some who try to Inherit the Promise by Faith think that it is a matter of their own WILLPOWER, and as such Mistakes and Failures show a Lack of Faith and a Weak Willpower.

This leads to UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS as to How Faith actually works in the New Covenant.

Jesus came to Paul and said, “My Grace is Sufficient for Thee”.

Paul would have been judged as having Weak Faith by some Willpower advocates because he wrote most of the New Covenant from jail.

Paul reveals the UNMERITED FAVOUR of our Lord in Romans 4:16a, AMP , “Therefore, Inheriting the Promise is the outcome of Faith and depends entirely on Faith, in order that it might be given as an Act of GRACE, Unmerited Favour,”

Notice Paul did NOT SAY this about Inheriting the Promise, ‘IN ORDER THAT IT MIGHT BE GIVEN AS AN ACT OF YOUR WILLPOWER’.

If we think that we can Inherit the Promise simply through our own Willpower, we will be severely disappointed.

However, if we Believe that Inheriting the Promise by Faith is given to us as an Act of Grace, we will overcome all difficulties and obstacles.





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Craig Holme


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