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How To Inherit The Promise – Overcoming Failure – 8

May 13, 2023

Overcoming Failure requires an understanding of the Principles of Faith, as Revealed by Paul in his Epistle to the Roman Church.

You will Bounce Back from Failure by God’s Grace.

In Romans 4:18, AMP, “For Abraham, human reason for Hope being gone, Hoped in Faith that he should become the father of many nations, as he had been PROMISED, So numberless shall your descendants be.”

Abraham lost all human reasoning for hope., yet he was able to turn his hopeless situation around by Hoping in Faith.

What does it mean to Hope in Faith?

For many of us, we experience failures and loss that destroy our dreams and hopes for the future.

This is why Paul explained How Hoping in Faith Works.

Our problem is that we have been indoctrinated by two main Sources of Religious Legalism, 1) Corrupted Calvinists 2) Traditional Ritualism, which have both made the Word of God of no effect.

The Revelation of Hoping in Faith has been hidden and distorted by Religious Legalism, to prevent Believers from having the Keys to OVERCOME FAILURE.

Walking By Faith does not mean that we will not face challenges or obstacles or failures or loss, and neither does it mean that we will not make mistakes, but it does mean that we can Overcome Failures by the Grace of Jesus.

This is why we need the Grace of Jesus Christ, because in this life we will encounter all kinds of difficulties that will dismay our human reasoning.






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