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The Promise – Depends – 7

May 7, 2023

The Doris Day Devotees of the “Que Sera Sera” Mantra, especially those who are followers of the Corrupted Calvinist group, have a great deal of difficulty understanding How to Inherit the Promise, as clearly explained by Paul in his Epistle to the Roman Church.

As a result of Misunderstanding the Principles of How to Inherit the Promise, the Doris Day Devotees think that Believers cannot influence the outcome of whether we Inherit the Promise or not.

In the mind of a Calvinist Doris Day Devotee, only the Elite select few Elect can Inherit the Promise, and the rest of us Sinners will have to do without, Que Sera Sera.

The problem with this outlook is that it directly contradicts Paul’s Epistle to the Roman Church, where we can clearly see that Inheriting the Promise DEPENDS entirely on Faith.

If you Believe that you will Inherit the Promise, you will Receive the Promise by the Grace of Jesus Christ.

Romans 4:16a, AMP+, “Therefore, Inheriting the Promise is the outcome of FAITH and DEPENDS entirely on Faith, in order that it might be given as an Act of Grace, Unmerited Favour,”

Notice that Paul did NOT say in Romans 4:16 , “In order that the PROMISE may be given as an Act of Grace to only a very Select Few of the Elect, who are just that much better than the rest of you Sinners, so don’t get your hopes up.”






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