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5 Wisdom Keys to Reign In Life – 1

May 2, 2023

The Kingdom of God is a Monarchy with Jesus Christ our Lord reigning as King in Life.

However, the Traditional Religious Mindset has a great deal of difficulty comprehending that the Holy Scripture clearly Teaches that Believers are to Reign with Christ.

When we combine a Religious Mindset with the indoctrination of the Woke Agenda, the result is a confused and powerless political ideology, which is now being taught in many Catholic and Protestant Colleges and Seminaries.

In Paul’s Epistle to the Roman Church he outlined the Master Keys to Reigning in Life with Jesus Christ.

The First Wisdom Key is;


The Religious Mindset cannot access this Wisdom Key yo Inherit the Promise because it requires a Revelation of the Abrahamic Type of Faith.

The Abrahamic Type of Faith works in an opposite manner to Faith in Ritualism or Ritualistic Faith.

Ritualistic Faith is based on what it can see and feel, and is entirely Sense based.

Therefore Ritualistic Faith is dependent on Statues and Icons, elaborate Religious Regalia, Ceremonies, Liturgical Observances, Prayer Beads and Incense, Psychedelics, Transcendental Yoga Meditation, and is a common practice within all Religions.

Unfortunately this Ritualistic Faith has now resulted in Religious Statues being commercialised Online, which is sacrilegious and is a form of idolatry which is an abomination in the sight of our Lord.

Abraham’s father Terah was an idolater, who also created and sold Idols and Statues.

So Abraham would have been exposed to the corruption of Ritualistic Faith based on Idols from an early age, and was called out by God’s Grace to walk in a New Kind of Faith.

The Abrahamic Faith operates without being dependent on the 5 Physical Senses, so it does not need to offer Prayers to a Statue or to take Magic Mushrooms to get into an altered state of mind, or to endlessly repeat Mantras to appease the Gods.

The Abrahamic Faith inherits the Promise by Faith, and not by Liturgical Observances.

The First Wisdom Key cannot be accessed without a Holy Spirit inspired Revelation of How the Abrahamic Faith Works.

Romans 4:16a, AMP, “Therefore INHERITING THE PROMISE is the outcome of FAITH and depends entirely on Faith, in order that it might be given as an act of Grace, Unmerited Favour,”

So we cannot earn Grace Points towards Buying a Ticket to the Stairway to Heaven, by participating in Traditional Liturgical Observances, because Grace is UNMERITED FAVOUR from our Lord Jesus.

Romans 4:16b, AMP, “To make it stable and valid and GAURANTEED to all his descendants – not only to the devotees and adherents of the Mosaic Law,”






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