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The Principle Of Faith – 1

April 30, 2023

Very few Believers understand that there is a PRINCIPLE OF FAITH.

What is a Principle?

A Principle can be defined as a Fundamental Truth or Law or Proposition that serves as the Foundation for a System of Belief or Behaviour, or Chain of Reasoning.

We need to understand that Paul was continuously arguing a Case like a Lawyer in his Epistle to the Roman Church.

Paul was not just having a nice fireside chat, but rather was extensively explaining the Principles of the New Covenant.

In Romans 3:27, AMP , “Then what becomes of our Spiritual Pride and our Boasting? It is excluded, Banished and Ruled Out entirely. On what Principle? On the Principle of Doing Good Deeds? No, but on the PRINCIPLE OF FAITH.”

Paul knew that Ritualism and Liturgical Observances lead to Spiritual Pride, if they are not based on the Principle of Faith.

Without the Principle of Faith, the Rituals and Liturgical Observances and Sacramental Practices become the Way that we please God, rather than by Faith in Jesus Christ.

To hide this Faith Principle Truth from the Body of Christ, our Spiritual Enemy has influenced Mainstream Traditions to incorporate a Scheme of Earning Grace Points to obtain a Ticket to the Stairway to Heaven.

The Reformation led by Martin Luther restored our understanding of the Principle of Faith for Justification.

Mainstream Traditionalism has created excessive displays of Spiritual Pride, with ridiculous displays of Bright Red and Purple flowing garments for the Religious Elite, and pompous, Pagan Style Hats to show how important you were in the hierarchy.

These Spiritually Preposterous outfits are now being made a complete mockery of by Pop Stars by wearing similar regalia.

We are not in any way personally attacking the Pope or Bishops, but rather pointing out that their regalia has become excessive and is being mocked by popular music stars.

The Reformation challenged this Religious Boasting and Buffoonery, but nevertheless the Spiritually Proud love to wear outfits to show how Spiritually Superior they are.

Nevertheless on the other side Corrupted Hyper Calvinism began to characterise Faith in Doris Day Terms of “Que Sera, Sera, whatever will be, will be”, which confused and disempowered many Protestants.

The Hyper Calvinists reduced Faith to being like a Nebulous Cloud which floated around in the atmosphere in a very mysterious way.

This error then began to say that Faith is only for the Elect, or a Chosen Few, and nobody knows who those people are or How Faith Works.

If Faith is a Principle, then we should be able to learn How the Faith Principle Works, and therefore it is available to everyone, not just a select Elect few ‘Holier Than Thou’ Religious Folk.

Of course, This absolutely illustrates the importance of Paul’s Teaching on the Principle of Faith, and is the reason why we hear so little Teaching on the Faith Principle.

Thank our Lord Jesus Christ that the Revelation of the Principle of Faith is returning to the Church today, despite the attempts by the Traditionalists and Hyper-Calvinists to suppress it.






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Craig Holme



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