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New Revelation Of Righteousness – By Faith – 2

April 22, 2023

The Apostle Paul in his Epistle to the Roman Church was primarily addressing Judaisers and Ex-Pagan New Believers, who both had Ritualistic mindsets contrary to the Gospel of Grace, so he had to emphasise RIGHTEOUSNESS BY FAITH.

In Romans 1:17a, AMP, “For in the Gospel a Righteousness which God ascribes is REVEALED,”

Therefore, we can deduce that this New Kind of Gospel Righteousness was hidden previously.

If the Judaisers had known about this New Revelation of Righteousness previously, then Paul would not have had to go to such lengths to explain it.

Paul explains with absolute clarity how this New Revelation of Righteousness is received by Faith.

We would need to be corrupted either by the Woke Agenda or Redacted Reformism or Traditionalism or Ritualism, not to be able to understand what Paul is obviously saying here.

The New Revelation of Righteousness originates from Faith, and leads to and arouses more Faith.

Notice that Paul does not say that Righteousness originates from perfectly following the Mosaic Law, or Transcendental Yoga Meditation, or Psychotherapy, or Psychedelic Mushroom Ceremonies, or performing Liturgical Observances, or Prayer Beads and Incense Offerings to Statues and Icons, or isolating in a Monastery, or becoming Politically Correct by rejecting the Patriarchal Hierarchy.

In fact, no Mental Technique or Religious Ritual can produce Righteousness other than Faith in Jesus Christ.

This New Kind of Righteousness is only fully disclosed to the Believer through the Way Of FAITH.

We can deduce then that the Way of Faith is not what is being taught by any Organisation that teaches Spiritual Legalism as a technique to become Right with God, for example the Seventh Day Adventists, Mormons, and Jehovah Witnesses.

Why can’t the Religious Mindset understand the Way of Faith?

The main barrier to Revelation of the New Kind of Righteousness is rejection of the Holy Spirit, and this produces a Spiritual Blindness.





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Craig Holme



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