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New Revelation Of Righteousness

April 21, 2023

In Paul’s Epistle to the Roman Church a New Kind of Righteousness is REVEALED.

Romans 1:17a, AMP, “For in the Gospel a Righteousness which God ascribes is REVEALED,”

It seems to be the most difficult task for the Egocentric Religious Mindset to understand that the New Covenant Gospel is based upon a New Kind of Righteousness.

Paul explains that the Gospel contains a Revelation of this New Kind of Righteousness, which means that it was not completely Revealed under the Old Covenant.

Cults such as the legalistic Seventh Day Adventists have No understanding of the New Kind of Righteousness, which is why they are telling Believers to go back under the Old Covenant Law.

Neither do some mainstream Religious organisations that are based on Rituals and Performance based Liturgical Rites, comprehend the type of Righteousness that Paul is Revealing.

Under the Old Covenant Righteousness was obtained basically by following a Set of Religious Rules called the Mosaic Law.

We are not saying anything against the Mosaic Law, since most of our current Western Legal System is based upon it.

The New Kind of Righteousness enables us to fulfil the requirements of the Law without succumbing to the bondage of Legalism.






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