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The PROMISE Of Provision

April 10, 2023

Few Believers understand that the New Covenant contains a Promise of Provision.

The hypocrisy of the Cessationist Poverty Gospel can be clearly seen when we look at the Cars in the Carparks of the corrupted Reformist Churches.

The Preacher of Cessationism will be standing up at the Corrupted Reformist Sunday Service making a mockery of the ‘Prosperity Gospel’ whilst the Carpark is full of late model expensive Cars including Porsche, BMW , Tesla and Mercedes.

We can see how ridiculous this scenario is when we compare it to a Church in rural Uganda where most of the children and women don’t have adequate clothing and food and medical services.

Clearly there are extremes on both sides of the argument, represented by the Poverty Gospel preaching that Poverty is a sign of Holiness, and on the other side some proponents the Prosperity Gospel preaching a ME centred message.

The error of both of these messages is clearly seen on Social Media when a Church in a Third World country posts an appeal for help because of a desperate need, and in every comment posted all that is seen are platitudes, offers of prayers, well wishes, but NO OFFERS OF FINANCIAL SUPPORT from CHRISTIANS in Western Countries.

The excuse for not doing this is usually that “we don’t know if it’s a scam”, but the Churches posting these please for help are usually well known to the Westerners, and are often connected to Networks of Churches which can be easily verified.

We have the laughable situation in Western Churches where many are publicly critical of the “Prosperity Gospel”, but at the same time doing nothing practical to help Churches in extreme poverty in Mexico, Brazil, Zimbabwe, Sudan, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Indonesia, Egypt, Iraq, and many other nations.

Why is there so little support for impoverished Third World Churches, or for local Charities doing a great job helping those in need locally like the Salvation Army?

The problem is that we don’t understand the Promise of Provision in the Gospel.

Many Believers don’t give to Churches in need in India or Pakistan, because they think they cannot spare $50 right now because they need it for themselves.

This shows a profound lack of understanding of How to INHERIT THE PROMISE.

Christian Churches have a lot to learn from Jewish Believers and from Jewish Culture.

The idea of a Rabbi preaching a “Poverty is a sign of Holiness” message in a Synagogue is unheard of in Jewish Society.

The Old Covenant is full of Promise for Provision for His people the Israelites, so it is very rare for a Rabbi to tell Jews they should be poor to help their Spiritual Awakening outside of a Comedy Act.

Yet we in the Church are constantly bombarded by Poverty Gospel Comedy Act Teachings in nearly every Service, which are then followed by desperate pleas to “give to the Church or we may have to close.”

How do Believers INHERIT THE PROMISE ?

Romans 4:16a, AMP, “Therefore, INHERITING THE PROMISE is the outcome of FAITH and depends entirely on FAITH, in order that it might be given as an act of Grace, Unmerited Favour,”

Paul makes it very clear that we INHERIT THE PROMISE by Faith through Grace.

We are not donating to impoverished Churches in Brazil, and the Salvation Army at home, because of the Fear of Lack.

God’s Grace will provide more than enough for us to meet our requirements and to assist others in need, if we are Believing to INHERIT THE PROMISE.





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Craig Holme




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