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How To Inherit The Promise – Rapture

April 2, 2023

One of the main Religious Dogmas Preventing Believers from Believing in God to INHERIT THE WORLD, is the idea that we are all going to disappear in a Rapture very soon.

The problem with the Rapture Escapist Ideology is not the concept itself, but the delusion that we do not need to concern ourselves with this world’s issues such as Political Correctness and Commerce Manipulation, because we won’t be here soon anyway and as such the world can go to Hell.

This is the opposite idea to what Paul taught in his Epistle to the Roman Church.

Whilst many pompous Escapists and Darby followers were telling everyone that things are very bad in the world, so we need to escape in the Rapture before it gets worse in the “Tribulation Period”.

On the contrary, Paul taught that we should by FAITH receive the Promise to INHERIT THE WORLD.

There is an obvious clash between the Ideologies of Escapists Playing the Ostrich Card, and Believers who are by FAITH Inheriting the Promise.

The Rapture “Escape from Reality” movement mainly gained momentum in the USA during the 1960’s, in what became known as the Jesus Movement.

Modern day Rapture Escapists now conduct “Prophecy Conferences”, where each Speaker competes with differing Versions of Escapism, ranging from “Pre-Tribulation” to “Mid-Tribulation” theories, and all Speakers contradict each other publicly to prove they have the most correct interpretation.

Very few question WHY we are focusing on Rapture Escapism and not on INHERITING THE WORLD.

Those who are corrupting our Governments and Justice System with the Woke Agenda obviously have a lot to gain from Rapture Escapism.

Whilst Christians argue over the exact date we are supposed to disappear, Woke advocates are free to takeover over our School and University Curriculums unopposed.

Current “Bible Prophecy Conferences” should Re Rebranded as “Escapist Delusion Conferences”.

It is very concerning and extremely sad that we can be arguing over the correct interpretation of John 14 in these Conferences, when our own children are being subjected to horrific Woke indoctrination in the School System.

We are not arguing for or against the Rapture because at some stage we will be caught up with the Lord, but what we are opposed to is using Rapture Escapism as an excuse for APATHY.

The best advice is to be prepared for Christ’s Return by Believing in God’s Grace to Inherit the World.

The advocates of the Escapist Delusion are usually the main opposition to Christian’s entering the Political arena.

The Olivet Discourse given by Jesus Christ in Matthew 24-25 does not reveal the Rapture , and neither does John 14, 2-3 .





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Craig Holme



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