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How To Inherit The Promise – Choices

April 2, 2023

If Christians were asked to describe the purpose of their Religious Beliefs, most would likely answer that they want to go to Heaven, therefore going to Heaven in the afterlife is their primary objective.

There would be nothing wrong with this as long as it wasn’t the only purpose of our Faith.

Unfortunately, it has become the only purpose for many Believers and this has subsequently produced a Pie in the Sky religious philosophy, where our Sacraments and Liturgy and Rituals are focused on the next life rather than the current nasty here and now.

This exclusively Other World Focus, has led to widespread apathy about the descent of Western Society into a Sodom and Gomorrah worldview, and indifference about doctrines such as the separation of Church and State, because “after all, the Church should not be concerned with temporal matters..”

This has allowed the corrupt politicians to take over our Governments and Justice System, and encouraged the introduction of Superstition and Idolatry into the Dogmas of mainstream Churches by Occult influences.

However, when we look at the Teaching of the New Covenant we see an entirely different perspective about the Christian Faith.

The Apostle Paul wrote about the purpose of our Faith in his Epistle to the Roman Church.

Romans 4:13a, AMP, “For the PROMISE to Abraham or his posterity, that he should INHERIT THE WORLD, did not come through observing the commands of the Law but through the Righteousness of Faith.”

Here Paul is making it abundantly clear that we are the Posterity of Abraham, and that we should choose to INHERIT THE WORLD by Faith.

We need to be aware that Paul was a Debater, and acted like a Lawyer arguing a case, and did not present himself as a Holier Than Thou Religious Hypocrite styled Self Righteous Preacher, who was so Heavenly minded that he was of no earthly good.

It comes as a huge shock to the Religiously brainwashed to find out that the purpose of our Faith is to Receive the PROMISE TO INHERIT THE WORLD.

As Believers we are therefore presented with a Choice by Paul as to what to Believe, do we Believe that the only Purpose of our Faith is to go to Heaven and therefore we can live like the Devil in this life because it doesn’t matter to God, or do we Believe that we should INHERIT THE WORLD because this is the Promise made to us by Jesus Christ and that this Faith is what will qualify us to go to Heaven.

We can choose the Believe God to Inherit the World, or we can choose to Believe that we cannot have an influence over anything in this life because we are destined for Nirvana and we don’t want to get tangled up with daily dramas and Events.





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