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Justification Power

March 28, 2023

When we Receive the Revelation of Justification by Faith, we become Empowered to fulfil our True Potential.

The Revelation of Justification by Faith enabled Martin Luther to create the Reformation in Germany, and to expose the Religious Superstitions that had corrupted the Roman Church.

For those who do not understand Justification by Faith because they are indoctrinated by the Woke Agenda, the argument over Works and Righteousness would seem to be superfluous.

At the time of Martin Luther the Roman Church was teaching a Works based Righteousness, whereby a Believer could earn Grace Points towards Buying a Ticket to the Stairway to Heaven, by performing certain tasks, or Liturgical Observances, or acts of Penance in a Monastery.

Martian Luther, “Our Works do not generate Righteousness, rather our Righteousness in Christ generates our Works.”

This powerful statement by Martin Luther came from his Revelation from Holy Scripture as to How we Receive the Righteousness of Christ.






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