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Grace Vs Religious Distinction

March 23, 2023

Religious Hypocrisy seeks to create a Class Distinction between those who are obedient to the Prescribed Rituals, and those who are not.

This Distinction is based upon the False Assumption that performance of the Rituals is what makes us Right with God.

Paul argues strongly against this deception in his Epistle to the Roman Church.

Romans Ch 3 V22a, AMP, “Namely, the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD which comes by Believing with Personal Trust and confident reliance on Jesus Christ the Messiah.”

Paul was in a continual battle with the Judaisers, who had developed a Hybrid form of Christianity where Believers would still need to be under the Mosaic Law.

The basic idea of this group is that you cannot be Right With God unless you are completely obedient to the Mosaic Law, so Faith in Christ alone was not enough.

This is very similar to the heresy promoted today by the Seventh Day Adventist followers of the Ellen White Cult.

This is why Paul emphasises that “the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD COMES BY BELIEVING,”.

Those who are attempting to create a Religious Distinction, will oppose Righteousness by Faith, by introducing various forms of Legalism including Rituals, Liturgical Observances, Transcendental Meditation, Rosary Prayer Beads, Incense to Icons, Exclusive Holy Dietary Requirements, and anything else attempting to replace Faith by the Grace of Jesus.

Paul continues, Romans 3:22b, AMP Para. “And the Righteousness of God is meant for ALL WHO BELIEVE. For there is NO DISTINCTION.”

Paul is completely exposing those who are trying to convince Believers that we should have a Distinctive Religious Class of Cardinal Types, who wear bright Purple and Red to prove that they are Spiritually Superior to everyday Believers.

This is WHY Paul emphatically states that the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF GOD is meant for ALL WHO BELIEVE, and not just for a Distinct Few who are ‘Holier Than Thou.’.

There is NO DISTINCTION between Believers based on earning Grace Points through Liturgical Observances, and to contradict this is to create a False Gospel.




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Craig Holme



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