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Grace Vs Infant Regeneration

March 23, 2023

In the year 431AD the Roman Church introduced the erroneous idea that Infants who are Baptised receive instant Regeneration.

This may have been introduced because of the high rate of infant mortality in some cities that lacked adequate sanitation at that time.

In Paul’s Epistle to the Roman Church he discusses the argument over another Religious concept which is that of Circumcision, and that dispute can be compared to the debate over Infant Regeneration.

Romans 4:11a, AMP, “He received the Mark of CIRCUMCISION as a Token or an evidence and SEAL of the Righteousness which he had by FAITH while he was still uncircumcised..”

Abraham was Circumcised as a result of his Faith, and in the same way we are to be Baptised as a result of our personal Faith in Jesus Christ.

Infant Baptism does not Regenerate a baby, who is obviously in a state of innocence.

The Grace of Jesus Christ makes Salvation and Regeneration available to us by Faith, and then we decide to be fully Baptised in water as an act of obedience.






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