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Grace Vs Spiritual Formulas

March 22, 2023

Many different Religions have created Spiritual Formulas to appease the Gods, or to try to please God.

Spiritual Formulas appeal to our Ego’s desire to put on a performance.

The most Egotistical Spiritual Formulas are those that can establish a Religious Hierarchy based on the belief of being “Holier than thou”.

Classic examples of this are Bishops and Most Reverend Archbishops and Cardinals, who parade around in extremely ridiculous bright Purple and Red Robes, to prove to everyone their Religious Distinction and Spiritual Superiority.

The Unredeemed Ego in all deceptive Religious heresies loves to put on a pompous show of Self Righteousness and Hypocrisy, through elaborate Rituals.

Paul strongly argued against Spiritual Legalism in his Epistle to the Roman Church.

Romans 3:28a AMP, “For we hold that a man is Justified and made upright by FAITH independent of and distinctly apart from the good deeds of the works of the Law.”

It is staggering that a Believer could read this Scripture, yet still hold onto a Doctrine that completely contradicts this Truth from Paul, by Believing that participation in a Liturgical Ritual will enable them to earn Grace Points towards a Ticket to the Stairway to Heaven.

Paul makes this even clearer with his next statement in Romans 3:28b AMP , “The Observance of the Law has nothing to do with JUSTIFICATION.”

We cannot be Justified by God through Religious Observances.

We would need an Agnostic Theological Professor to confuse us over such an obvious Paul Revelation.

Who is correct, the Apostle Paul or the False Doctrines inserted into the Roman Church?

Of course, Martin Luther tried to re-establish Justification by Faith at the beginning of the Reformation, but was bitterly opposed and persecuted.

This is not a matter of whether we are Catholics or Protestants, as the issue at stake is “How to be Justified by God”, as explained by Paul in his Epistle to the Roman Church.

Satan has been trying to infiltrate the Roman Church with Legalism since the time of the Early Church, and this is why the Holy Spirit is warning us against Spiritual Formulas throughout the entire New Covenant.






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