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Grace Vs Mass Psychosis

March 21, 2023

The aim of the Woke Agenda is to install a TOTALITARIAN STATE, and to do so there needs to be the Creation of Mass Psychosis.

Carl Jung is quoted as saying, “It is not Famine, nor Earthquakes, Nor MICROBES, Not Cancer, but Man Himself who is Man’s greatest danger to Man. For the simple reason that there is no Adequate Protection against Psychic Epidemics, which are infinitely more devastating than the worst of Natural Catastrophes.”

But, there is an Adequate Protection against Psychic Epidemics, the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

God’s Grace is freely available to all who will call upon Jesus for help in their time of need.

The Grace of Jesus gives us peace and Love from God our Father and the Holy Spirit.

Psychic Epidemics amongst the masses are caused by an abundance of negative emotions, which result from Fear Campaigns about Pandemics, or Climate Change Hysteria.

The Woke Agenda is utilising Psychic Epidemics to try to convince everyone to passively accept a Totalitarian State.






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Craig Holme



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