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Grace Vs Psychic Epidemics

March 20, 2023

The Woke Agenda is attempting to create a Mass Psychosis through an indoctrination Program in the School Education System.

This Mass Psychosis starts with Auto-Suggestion.

By telling parents that the slightest emotional disturbance in their child is a sign of Mental Illness a Paranoid Delusion is created.

The parent and the School System may then start explaining to the child that they may have Eg ‘ABC’ mental condition.

On the other hand the Grace of Jesus gives us a very healthy Self Esteem, because we see ourselves as accepted and loved by our Father God despite our weaknesses and flaws.

Of course, the Psycho-Pop dogma will sometimes oppose this understanding of Grace because it will make the prescription of Drug Therapy unnecessary in certain cases.





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Craig Holme



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