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Holy Spirit – Advocate

March 17, 2023

Many Believers are unaware of the Holy Spirit’s Role of Advocate.

The Holy Spirit is our Advocate in times of need when we require strengthening and encouragement.

Jesus said in John 14:16, “And I will ask the Father, and He will Give You another Comforter, who is our Counsellor, Helper, Intercessor, ADVOCATE, Strengthener, and Standby, that He may remain with you forever.”

Notice that Jesus Christ talks about a Relationship with his Father God with regard to the Holy Spirit, and not a Formula or a Ritual or a Liturgical Observance.

Jesus said,”I WILL ASK THE FATHER,”, and did NOT SAY , I have a Miraculous Medal and some Prayer Beads here, if you recite this Prayer Formula three times holding onto this Magic Medal , and throw Holy Water over your shoulder seven times, you might convince the Holy Spirit that you are good enough.”

Religious Traditions and Rituals have tried to hide the Secret to Relationship with the Holy Spirit, which is ASKING because the Holy Spirit is your Advocate.

We cannot please the Holy Spirit by performing Rituals.

Ritualism deceives Believers into thinking that we have to earn the favour of the Holy Spirit.

Any Believer in Jesus Christ can ask the Father for the fullness of the Holy Spirit in the Name of Jesus at anytime.

An Advocate is someone who puts a case forward defending another person.

The Holy Spirit acts as your Advocate in the face of accusations by Satan against you to the Father God.

Satan will point out your failures and weaknesses, and will try to give you a Sin Consciousness, and will try to deceive you through Magic Medal and Wand and other Occult Tricks.

Our Advocate the Holy Spirit on the other hand , will declare your Righteousness in Christ to our Father God, because your Sinful Nature has now been replaced by Christ, and we are now New Creations in Christ, all the old failures and weaknesses have passed away and no longer control us.

Other Believers have been deceived into Believing that they don’t need to ask the Holy Spirit for Help and Comfort, because they can earn His favour through Liturgical Observances.

Religious Traditions prevent us from establishing a vital Relationship with the Holy Spirit, that empowers us the overcome.

Some Believers say,”If the Lord wants me to have the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, then He will give it to me.”

This is a denial of our Spiritual Right to ASK our Holy Spirit Advocate to Help us.





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Craig Holme



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