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Grace Vs Miraculous Medals

March 17, 2023

It’s incomprehensible that Believers would be so naive as to be deceived into thinking that a Medal with an Image of a Saint or Female Deity had miraculous power.

Paul’s Epistle to the Roman Church should be used as the Guideline to discern the Bag of Tricks that Satan has used down through the centuries to render Believers powerless.

The Miraculous Medal cannot Save You, because it represents a form of Spiritual Idolatry.

Using a Medal to Pray to a Female Deity who is supposedly “Conceived without Sin”, contradicts the clear Teaching of the Apostle Paul in his Epistle to the Roman Church.

Believers who have been led astray by Miraculous Medal Trickery, need to ask the Holy Spirit how to Pray in the Name of Jesus Christ our Saviour.

There is no instruction in the Holy Scripture requiring us to use a Miraculous Medal to Pray to a Female Deity, as this practice of using Medals for Prayer will actually bring a Spiritual Curse into the life of a Believer.

The Medal itself has no Kingdom Power or Authority of its own, and therefore using it in Prayer to a Saint will open a portal to the Dark Side.

Every Believer of whatever Christian Tradition, should reject the use of Miraculous Medals as heresy, and this includes Roman Catholics.

There is no reference to the use of Miraculous Medals to Pray to Saints or a Female Deity in any of the writings of the Earth Church Fathers, so Catholics need to understand that it should be removed from the Sacramentals and Liturgical Observances.

For a Priest to say that a Miraculous Medal is one of the most powerful Sacramentals in the Roman Church is absolutely ridiculous in the extreme.

Some Believers will defend ‘Miraculous Medals’ because they wear them more through an emotional attachment to a family heirloom, than from Believing that the Medal is actually a Sacramental of the Church.

This is understandable, as long as we don’t use the Medal to try to invoke a supposedly Sinless Female Deity.

According to the Apostle Paul, “There is only one Mediator between God and Man, the Man Christ Jesus.”

ONLY ONE MEDIATOR, is the clear message of the Apostle Paul given to him by Revelation from Jesus Christ.

As we look back in Church history we can see that the sale of ‘Miraculous Medals’ was mainly used as a Fundraising Gimmick by the Roman Church, and this is why this corruption became accepted by the Church, and it is now time for this Trick to be exposed and expelled.

Miraculous Medals are being peddled as MAGIC TALISMANS which is a form of Occultism, and therefore every Catholic Believer should be horrified by their acceptance in the Sacramentals and the Liturgy.

We do not need a Miraculous Magic Medal to assist us to commune with God the Father. Son and Holy Spirit.

In fact, using Miraculous Magic Medals will grieve the Holy Spirit in your life, and the presence of the Holy Spirit will leave you if you persist with this Occult practice.







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Craig Holme



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