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Grace Vs Spiritual Idolatry

March 14, 2023

Paul’s Epistle to the Roman Church clearly lays out the foundations of the Christian Faith.

Romans 1:7 AMP Para, “To you then who are all God’s Beloved Ones in Rome, called to be Saints and designated for a Consecrated Life : “

Notice that Paul categorically Emphasises that ALL GOD’s BELOVED ONES ARE CALLED TO BE SAINTS!

Not just a Select Few who have exhibited impossibly high standards.

This is NOT to say that there had not been any Saints during Church History who have lived exemplary lifestyles of being Filled with the Holy Spirit.

Of course there had been Spirit Filled Saints who have demonstrated the miraculous Power of God.

Notice Paul did NOT say to the Roman Church, “Called to Pray to the Saints who are the only ones holy enough to be Designated for a Consecrated Life”.

On the contrary, Paul explains that every Believer is called to be a Saint, and this is by virtue of God’s Grace through Jesus Christ, and has nothing to do with how many times per day that we partake of Communion or Confession or any other Ritual.

If God had wanted us to prioritise Praying to Saints, then Paul would have mentioned it to the Roman Church.

Therefore, if Paul is correct in his discourse to the Roman Church about our calling to be Saints, then any Pontiff who is prescribing Prayers to Saints and homage to a Female Deity above the Worship of God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ, is committing Spiritual Idolatry.





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Craig Holme



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