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Grace Vs Karma Yoga – “I Want To Be Ok”

March 12, 2023

Many people who are searching for a Spiritual Awakening explain that they are wanting to be ok, to feel good about themselves, and to overcome feelings of guilt and shame and regret.

This has led to the propagation of the “letting go of the attachments of the Ego” delusion.

The idea is that if we can just LET GO of the things that our Ego desires, for example, a new job, a bigger house, a nicer car etc, then we will feel better about ourselves.

The problem with this delusional argument is that it assumes that the only way that we can feel good about ourselves is for our Egos to have no worldly attachments.

During the 1960’s some of the world’s most famous rock music bands got caught up in Eastern Mysticism when they discovered LSD through Timothy Leary.

However, on one Trip to a Flower Power Festival to visit one of most prominent Gurus at the time, one of these Bands were shocked to discover that their favourite Teacher of Ego Enlightenment, was actively more interested in all the female groupies, than in the Magical Mystery Tour he was peddling.

No amount of Transcendental Meditation, or Rosary Bead Recitations, can make you feel good about yourself if you are separated from the Love of God through Jesus Christ.

If we want to feel good about yourself, and that you are Ok and that things are right, then we need to be reconciled with God by Grace through Faith in Jesus Christ.

The reason that the Guru couldn’t resist the temptation to chase Groupies, was because what he was Teaching about Ego Detachment was impossible for him to maintain in the presence of beautiful young women.

We will feel ok when we open ourselves to the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ , and receive the unconditional Love of God .

When we yield to the Grace of Jesus, the whole concept of Ego Detachment becomes a non-issue, because our Ego no longer controls our lives.







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