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Grace Vs Karma Yoga Ego

March 12, 2023

Many people who are addicted to Ritualism think that our Karma is influenced or controlled by our Ego.

Overcoming the desires of the Ego becomes the central focus of Religious Legalism because it is impossible to do so using Rituals and Observances.

An example is Prayers to a Female Deity to absolve us of our Sins.

We go to see a Priest or a Guru, and we are told to Pray a certain Prescriptive Prayer or Mantra 7 times for 7 days in a row, and if we do this our Sins will be forgiven, and our Bad Karma caused by our Egotistical behaviour will leave us.

This Prescription for overcoming Bad Karma greatly appeals to our Ego, so it becomes Self Defeating, and we are therefore needing to go back for a Repeat Prescription.

After you are given the Magic Formula for forgiveness of your Sins, you may experience some Psychological relief for a time, but the Priest or Guru soon reminds you of your Guilt and need to ask for another Prescription Prayer or Mantra.

The Grace of Jesus completely eradicated the need for all Prescription Prayers or Mantras, because the only way to overcome the insatiable desires of the Ego is to yield to Jesus Christ and Receive His New Nature, which replaces our old Sin Nature.

We are a New Creation in Christ Jesus.








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