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Grace Vs Karma Yoga Duty

March 11, 2023

Many Believers are unaware that the Grace of Jesus supersedes and overrides all forms of KARMA in our lives.

One type of Karma is known as Karma Yoga.

Karma can be referred to as your ACTIONS, so some people see Karma Yoga as the Yoga of Action or Duty.

How we perceive our Religious or Spiritual Duty is radically changed when we encounter the Grace of Jesus.

Many people of different Religions are trying to overcome the desires and attachments of their Ego through various Spiritual Rituals and Exercises and Observances.

However, the Revelation of Grace is about BELIEVING what Jesus Christ has done for us through Crucifixion and Resurrection at Calvary, which effortlessly solves the problems of our Ego desires and attachments.

The Grace of Jesus teaches us that we cannot solve the problems of our Egotistical desires through endless repetition of Rituals.

This is a very difficult concept for many Religious people to grasp, because to do so would mean admitting that most Religions practices are completely unnecessary and a total waste of time.

It is our Ego that doesn’t want to accept the Grace of Jesus, because our Ego wants to tell us that we don’t need Jesus as our Saviour because we can do it ourselves through Prayer Beads, Yoga, Special Diets, Rituals that earn Grace Points towards Buying a Ticket to the Stairway to Heaven, and endless Self-Effort Programs.

Trying to do our Religious or Spiritual Duty to our very best ability through Willpower and New Years Resolutions, will not overcome our Ego because these Actions are the product of an Ego that has refused to yield to the Grace of God through his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

Trying to suppress the desires of our Ego through Religious or Spiritual Duties or Rituals is a Recipe for Failure.

This is why the Egos of many Religious Leaders likes to parade around in elaborate and very colourful outfits of bright purple and red and yellow, and to wear the most ridiculous and outrageous and pompous hats.

Our Egos love a Spiritual Dress Up Party, especially for Halloween.

The Grace of Jesus eliminates the need for an Elite Religious Class of Mystics and Most Holy Reverends and Spiritual Gurus, because our Salvation comes from the Lord and not from our performances in the Spiritual Olympics.

Of course, this does not mean that the Grace of Jesus excuses us from Good Works, as the Salvation Army is a great example of the manifestation of Grace in our Communities.

The Grace of Jesus liberates us from the sense of being Duty bound to the performance of Liturgical Observances.

The Religious Hypocrite objects to this by saying, “It’s my solemn DUTY to Pray Seven times per day, everyday at the same time, and I feel very bad if I don’t do this regularly. My Priest and Guru has warned me that if I don’t do this then I will reap some very bad Karma. I feel that by doing this I am separating my Ego Attachment to worldly desires and lusts, although I must admit that lately my addictions to Porn and Gambling have been getting the better of me.”

The Religious mindset legalistically motivates our Ego to prioritise our Spiritual Duties, instead of yielding to the Grace of Jesus which empowers us to achieve all that God has planned for us.

The Grace of Jesus reveals His Love for us personally, so we don’t need to try to manufacture Self Love, because we know we are Loved by God, and experience this daily through the Holy Spirit.

We don’t have to convince ourselves of Self Love, because we are waking in His Love for us through Grace, and this Love is not received by our efforts to please God or anyone else.

The Grace of Jesus sets us Free from the Cycle of Karma.





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All International Rights Reserved

Craig Holme



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