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Master Key System For Success

March 6, 2023

The Master Key System is Revealed in the Life of Abraham, and of his Spiritual Discovery.

There has been much discussion as what exactly is the Master Key to Spiritual Understanding.

This has led many people into totally misunderstanding what the Master Key is, because they have rejected Eternal Truth in search of fairytales and Occultism.

Others have been taught by Legalistic Religions that there is no Master Key because we are still under the Law or bound by Ritualism.

Paul Reveals the Master Key of Abraham in his Epistle to the Roman Church, but there is very little Revelation of the Master Key amongst Believers.

The Master Key is not an invention of Pop Psychology, neither is it the creation of the Imagination of Best Selling Motivational Authors in Western countries.

Unfortunately Legalistic and Ritualistic Believers have substituted the Master Key for Liturgical Formulas.


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