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The Promise – Credit

March 2, 2023

Most people are unaware that God is prepared to give his Blessing to the Non-Religious, if they meet one condition.

Paul explains this condition in his Epistle to the Roman Church, but it is disturbing that the Roman Church has tried to substitute this Grace Condition for Ritualism.

Romans 4:9 , AMP Para, “Is this BLESSING or happiness then meant only for the Religious or Circumcised, or also for the Non-Religious or Uncircumcised? We say that Faith was CREDITED to Abraham as Righteousness.”

Most people think they have to meet certain Religious Traditions or requirements before they can Receive the Blessing of God, and because of Self Condemnation think that they will never be worthy of it.

This wrong attitude is also Reinforced by Sin Consciousness Teaching, that emphasises our shortcomings and weaknesses, and promotes the deceptive Woke Agenda.

The Blessing of God is not meant only for the Hyper-Religious, but for everyone.

We can Receive the Blessing of God by Faith, which Will immediately set us FREE of all addictions to Porn or Drugs or Gambling or Junk Food or anything else.

The BLESSING is available by Faith to anyone who will Believe, to set you Free from all Depression or Anxiety.

The Faith that we need to Believe for the BLESSING is CREDITED to our Account by the Grace of Christ.







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Craig Holme


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