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The Promise – Faith

February 28, 2023

Martin Luther had a Revelation of Faith that has sadly been lost by many Believers today.

Holy Spirit inspired Faith brings Light and Empowerment to the Believer to overcome all kinds of addictions and Negative Emotions, including Depression and Anxiety.

The type of Faith that is given freely to us by the Grace of Christ is a World Overcoming Faith, and is not just a pious religious attitude, as those stuck in Ritualism and Liturgical Observances would try to make us believe.

Paul explains this type of Faith in Romans 4:14a, AMP Para, “If it is the adherents of the Law who are to be the Heirs of the PROMISE, the FAITH is made Futile”.

This is why the Legalistic Bishops and Clergy could not accept Martin Luther’s teaching on Justification by Faith, because to do so the Religious Hierarchy would have to admit that their entire Teaching of earning Grace Points through Liturgical Observances was an extremely serious error.

Paul was absolutely clear that the battleground is Faith Vs the Law or Ritualism, and this is why it is absolutely ridiculous for the Seventh Day Adventist Cult followers of Ellen White, to be teaching that Believers need to go back under the Law.

Obviously, the Ellen White devotees are reading her books which is preventing them from understanding the very clear arguments of the Apostle Paul in his Epistle to the Roman Church.

It is ironic that those who are mesmerised by the false teachings of Ellen White, are constantly accusing the Catholic Church of the same type of heresy that they themselves are believing in, not realising that Ritualism and Legalism are both Anti-Faith.

The battle between Faith and Legalism is the central theme of Paul’s discussion with the Roman Church.





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