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How To Renew Your Subconscious Mind

February 28, 2023

Social Media Gurus are giving their ‘Expert Advice’ on how to deal with problems in our Subconscious Mind, and these Tips are causing even more Depression and Anxiety because they are based on false premises.

One of these deceptive ideas is that the Subconscious Mind is constantly expressing the ‘Evolutionary Intent To Survive’.

From the Scriptural pint of view, we know that we are Body, Mind or Soul and Spirit.

It is very important to distinguish between Soul and Spirit.

There is no ‘Evolutionary Intent to Survive‘ coming from our Soul and Spirit, this is just an invention from the imagination of modern Western Pop Psychologists.

As a Believer in Christ we should not be allowing Pop Psychologists to delve into our Subconscious Mind through Hypnosis.

A Believer should Renew their Mind with the Word of God, not the word of Sigmund Freud.

Why are Pop Psychologists trying to Reprogram your Subconscious?

Unfortunately the Psychologist Office is full of Christians who are wanting to resolve issues that in some cases stem from childhood experiences.

We are not denying the reality of these childhood problems which may have created various traumas.

When we are Born Again in Christ Jesus, we Receive the Nature of Christ, and pass from the Spiritual Death of our previous Sin Nature, to the Spiritual Life of our New Creation Nature.

When we are Born Again all the old ways of thinking that come from the bondage of Sin no longer control the way we think in our Minds.

If the Pop Hypnotherapist is bringing thoughts up in the Hypnotherapy Session that were part of your previous Sin Nature, then this can be very harmful and potentially very detrimental for you Spiritually.

When we Renew our Minds with the Word of God, we replace the old negative way of thinking with New Thoughts that are aligned with our New Nature in Christ.

The Born Again Believer who understands that they are a New Creation in Christ has no need for Hypnotherapy, because the Word of God and the Holy Spirit will empower us to overcome all negativity from our past.

What if the Hypnotherapist wants to Reprogram your Subconscious Mind with the AntiChrist dogma of the Woke Agenda?

This is a far more common problem than many naive Believers realise, because it is very foolish to allow anyone to have access to your Subconscious Mind other than yourself, especially an advocate of the AntiChrist Woke Agenda.

We are not denying that Childhood Traumas can cause to be trapped on Autopilot with thought patterns that create habits of Self Sabotage behaviour.

The solution for these Childhood unresolved conflicts in our Minds is the presence of the Holy Spirit.

This is why every Believer should seek the Baptism in the Holy Spirit.





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Craig Holme



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