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The Promise – Provision

February 25, 2023

The Truth about the Promise to ABRAHAM has been suppressed for Centuries by the Roman Church, by substituting a Poverty is Virtuous delusion for the Promise of Provision.

Unfortunately , the Protestant Church has also bought into this deception by listening to and believing the Poverty Delusion .

Paul absolutely destroys the ‘Poverty is Virtuous’ argument in Romans 4:13a, AMP, For the PROMISE to Abraham or his posterity, that he should INHERIT THE WORLD.”

Jews have no problem with this Promise because they understand that it is the foundation of their Faith.

However, Believers have been convinced that Poverty is a form of Redemptive Holiness, and those showing the Highest Form of Spirituality are Monks who live in total deprivation in Monasteries.

This Buddhist type of deception was adopted by the Roman Church to prevent the Peasants who were working the land for the Feudal Landowners, from getting any aspirational ideas of creating wealth for their own benefit.

Nowhere in the Bible can you find the idea that discarding all of this world’s goods will earn you Grace Points towards Redeeming a Ticket to the Stairway to Heaven.

This is why the ‘Pie in the Sky’ religious message was developed to counter the PROMISE TO INHERIT THE WORLD.

Satan has used Theological Professors and Most Holier Than Thou Reverends to deceive Believers with the line, ‘Did God really Promise Abraham that he should Inherit the World?’

Roman Religious Doctrines have taught us that we can perform Rituals or Liturgical Observances to earn Grace Points to get to a Ticket to Heaven, but there is NO PROMISE that we can Believe for that we should be Blessed in this life.

We do not earn any Redemptive Grace Points from Poverty or any kind of deprivation, and it is absolutely ridiculous to Believe that we can earn Redeemable Grace Points from living a life of poverty.

How are we to Inherit the Promise?


This was done by the Holy Spirit giving Paul Revelation to warn Believers of the trap of falling into RITUALISM.

Paul illustrates this in Romans 4:13b AMP, “For the PROMISE did not come through observing the COMMANDS of the Law or Ritualism,”

Paul could not have made this any clearer, that there is No Promise that we can Inherit that we can receive by Performing Rituals or Liturgical Rites, or by following the Religious Law.

Yet we still have those who are gullible enough to Believe that we should go back under the Religious Law, including the Ultra Legalistic Seventh Day Adventist Cult.

How do we Receive the Promise to Inherit the World?

Paul clarifies this in Romans 4:13c AMP Para, “But we Receive the Promise through the Righteousness of Faith.”

We receive the Promise to Inherit the World by Faith.

Why did Paul refer to the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF FAITH?

This Revelation is presented to Believers so that we may understand that we are made Righteous by Faith, and we are not to condemn ourselves over our weaknesses and past failures.

We are made the Righteousness of God in Christ by Faith, and not by performing Liturgical Observances.

This Pauline Revelation counters the Sin Consciousness mentality that says, “I’m too much of a Sinner to Inherit the Promise, I’ve made too many mistakes in my life, God has rejected me.”

No matter how bad you feel about your past mistakes, you can turn your life around immediately by the Righteousness of Faith.

Feelings of Depression cannot defeat the Believer that understands that through the Righteousness of Faith they can live in Victory, by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

We are not talking about Mind Control or Willpower here, because it is only possible to Receive the Promise to Inherit the World through the Holy Spirit, as we gain the Victory through Spiritual Warfare.






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Craig Holme



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