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The Promise – Should Inherit

February 23, 2023

In discussing the Promise to Abraham in his Epistle to the Roman Church, Paul made an extremely important point about their likelihood of inheriting the world.

Romans 4:13a AMP, “For the PROMISE to Abraham or his posterity, that he SHOULD inherit the world.”

By using the words “Should Inherit”, Paul is saying that we have been given the PROMISE, but whether we Inherit the World or not is entirely up to our choice.

Romans 4:13 AMP, “For the Promise to Abraham or his posterity, that he should Inherit the WORLD, did not come through observing the commands of the Law and Rituals, but through the RIGHTEOUSNESS OF FAITH.”

Therefore we have a choice, we can continue Playing Religious Games chasing ‘Pie In The Sky’, by observing Legalistic Rituals and Liturgies and Formulas, or we can become an Heir by Faith.

Everything then depends upon whether we are going to choose the Way Of Faith, or the Dead End of Ritualism.

The Winning Prize in the Game of Life is Inheriting the WORLD, and this Revelation comes as a total shock to Legalistic Religious folk who Believe they are earning Grace Points by performing Rituals.

We have been taught that it’s all about going to Heaven or disappearing in the Rapture, so there is no need to support the Salvation Army because this life isn’t important.

Inheriting the WORLD does not mean that we should become covetous of other peoples goods or possessions, because we receive our Inheritance by Faith.






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