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The Promise – On What Principle?

February 22, 2023

It is blatantly obvious that many Believers do not understand the Principle of how to Receive the Promise to Abraham.

As a result of our misunderstanding, all kinds of Legalistic ideas are being promoted to replace God’s Method, which is the Principle of Faith.

Paul explains How we are to Receive the Promise in his Epistle to the Roman Church.

Romans 3:27a AMP, “Then what becomes of our Pride and our Boasting? It is excluded, banished and ruled out entirely.”

What type of Spiritual Pride is Paul talking about here?

This is the kind of Legalistic boasting where a Believer will say such things as, “I’ve been taught by our Liturgy that to be Right with God we should Pray 7 times per day, using the prescribed Prayer Beads, at the exact same time each day, and with the same formula and words without any deviation. It takes a lot of Self Discipline and Sacrifice to do this, but I’ve been able to do so because I am Holier than you are.”

Spiritual Pride is the main barrier that prevents Legalistic Believers from understanding the Principle of Faith.

It doesn’t matter how many times we repeat a Prayer Formula to the ‘Queen of Heaven’ each day, it’s not going to please God or make us Righteous in His sight.

We don’t please God by Prayers to the ‘Queen of Heaven’, we are made Right with God only through the Principle of Faith.

Paul explains this in Romans 3:27b AMP, “ON WHAT PRINCIPLE? On the principle of doing good deeds of the Law? No, but on the Principle Of Faith.”

Paul is not talking about the type of Good Deeds that the Salvation Army do, where they are helping out those who are in need, but Paul is referring instead to the Deeds of Ritualism, Spiritual Legalism, Transcendental Meditation, Prayer Beads, Icon Veneration, or Liturgical Participation.

Legalistic Rituals have nothing to do with our Justification in Christ.

By Faith you receive the Righteousness of Christ, and then Holy Communion is a great Blessing to you.

But if you think that you are Unrighteous by Nature, and that you can earn Grace Points by participating in Liturgical Observances, that you can Redeem to purchase your Ticket to the Stairway to Heaven, you are sadly mistaken.

You don’t need to earn any Grace points by receiving Holy Communion, or any other Sacrament or Ritual, because you have already received the Grace of Christ Jesus by Faith.








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