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The Promise – Inheritance

February 21, 2023

The Promise to Abraham totally contradicts the Teaching of Legalism that Poverty is a Virtue, and that observing the Law or Ritualism or Liturgical practices is the way to earn Redeemable Points to Buy a Ticket to the ‘Stairway to Heaven’.

The Promise to Abraham was not Pie in the Sky, with no earthly benefit.

Paul commented on this in his Epistle to the Roman Church, in Romans 4:13 AMP, “For the Promise to Abraham or his posterity, that he should INHERIT THE WORLD.’

Paul is talking to Believers in Rome, the wealthiest city of that era on the planet.

Why did Paul say to the Roman Church that the PROMISE was to Abraham or his Posterity?

This was to counter the argument of future proponents of the ‘Poverty is a Virtue’deception, that this Promise to Inherit the World was only for Abraham.

So Paul made us Abundantly clear that the Promise is for both Abraham and his POSTERITY.

Unfortunately the Roman Church became the main pedlars of the Poverty delusion.

What most Poverty Preachers today don’t understand is that the Poverty Doctrine was introduced to replace the Abrahamic Covenant, mainly to keep the Peasants from revolting against their Poverty stricken lifestyles.

Peasants were taught by the Roman Church that they were to be happy owning nothing, because their Poverty would help them to earn Grace Points so they could buy a Ticket to Heaven.

This is part of the reason why the purchase of Indulgences to Sin became so popular, because the Poverty Mindset was so ingrained in the Believers that everything had to be purchased or redeemed as there was no understanding of Grace.

The ‘You will own nothing and Be Happy’ nonsense is now being forced upon us again by the ‘Woke Agenda’.

It is extremely hypocritical for a Poverty Preacher to attack the ‘Prosperity is part of the Promise’ message, by advocating the virtues of having nothing to do with this worlds goods, when half their congregation is working overtime every chance they get to earn those ‘Evil Dollars’ to pay off the Mortgage, and the other half the husband and wife are both working long hours and arrive home exhausted and worn out because they are chasing the ‘Evil Dollar’.

Some of the congregation can’t make it on Sundays because they are working all weekend, yet the Minister will extol the Poverty message to gullible Believers every week.

This is not to say that we are advocating blatant materialism.

“Romans 4:13 AMP, “For the Promise to Abraham or his POSTERITY, that he should Inherit the World,”

Posterity means all future generations of people, and Paul clarifies that the future generations of Abraham includes everyone of FAITH.

Therefore a Believer cannot make the silly statement that this Promise only applies to Abraham and not the Church.

Notice that Paul teaches the Roman Church that to Inherit the World is not optional, the Promise is that Abraham and all Believers SHOULD INHERIT THE WORLD.

Paul does not say ‘You might become part of the Lucky Few who get the opportunity to work extra overtime 7 days per week and never see your children, but keep Believing the Poverty Delusion because we don’t want you to get your hopes up.’

Of course, not even the Minister who is Preaching ‘Poverty is a Virtue’ actually believes it, because if he did he would not have bought a new car, or installed a swimming pool, or took a vacation to Hawaii.

The ‘Poverty Delusion’ is all about double standards and total hypocrisy whilst appearing to be ‘Holier Than Thou’, but at the same time ‘stuck in the Rat Race’ like everyone else, because they don’t Believe in the Promise of the Abrahamic Covenant.

Those proponents of the Poverty Deception are even more subject to greed and avarice, because their is never enough Money coming into their Ministries to pay for their needs and expenses.

This is part of the reason why the Roman Church decided to raise Money by Selling Indulgences, as the general populace was prevented from giving because of the Curse of the Poverty is a Virtue Mentality.

If Paul were to Teach the Abrahamic Covenant in many Churches today he would be lambasted and ridiculed as a ‘Prosperity Preacher’, and this is the main reason why we are NOT Inheriting the World, but rather are being dominated and exploited by it.







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Craig Holme



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