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Who Are You In Christ? – Justified By Faith – 5

February 14, 2023

When the Holy Spirit revealed to Martin Luther that we are Justified By Faith, it had the effect of shaking the foundations of Ritualism Dependance throughout the Western World.

Martin Luther clearly explained that we are Justified and Made Upright with God by Faith, and not by Rituals or Liturgical Observances.

Martin Luther received this Revelation of Justification by Faith, through simply reading the Epistle to the Roman Church written by the Apostle Paul.

Paul states in Romans 3:28a, AMP, “For we hold that a Man is Justified and Made Upright by Faith independent of and Distinctly Apart from the good deeds of the works of the Law.”

Whilst it is blatantly obvious what Paul is Teaching about Justification by Faith, we still have so called ‘Theological Professors’ deceiving Believers by proclaiming the very error that Paul was exposing.

Unfortunately these ‘Theological Professors’ have substituted various forms of Legalism disguised as Liturgical Observances, for Justification by Faith.

Paul corrected the Roman Church from this Legalistic error by stating “that a Man is Justified and Made Upright by Faith independent of the good deeds of the Law, or Ritualism, or Liturgical Observances.

Notice that Paul did NOT say that the deeds of the Law, or Ritualism, or Liturgical Observances, were EVIL of themselves.

Rather, the point is that we cannot earn Grace Points towards redeeming a Ticket to Heaven by participating in the Confessional or any other Liturgical Observance or Ritual.

Where Believers have become confused is by not realising that Observance of the Law, is the same Legalistic Principle as Observing the Ritual, or Liturgical Observances, or by thinking that using Prayer Beads can earn us Redeemable Grace Points.

Paul’s Teaching on the Principle of Grace Vs Law was directed at the Roman Church, yet it is diabolical that the Roman Church has become totally corrupted by rejecting Paul’s Teaching on Justification.

We need to understand that the deceit of Legalism is not just the domain of the Roman Church, but is also basis of Spiritual Warfare for every Church, and is the method of deception used by all the Cults and Sects including the Jehovah Witnesses and Seventh Day Adventists.

Satan fights against the Grace of Jesus by telling Believers that they have to earn their Salvation by participating in Rituals and Liturgical Observances.

Paul retaliates by boldly proclaiming in Romans 3:28b, AMP , “The Observance of the Law has nothing to do with Justification”

We can participate and are Blessed in Liturgical Observances like Communion as long as we do so by Faith, and do not Believe that we are earning ‘Redeemable Ticket-To-Heaven Grace Points’.

Satan created the idea of Redeemable Grace Points as a way keeping Believers forever on a Religious Treadmill to nowhere.





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Craig Holme



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