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Who Are You In Christ – Observances – 3

February 12, 2023

Most Religious people think that they can earn the Right to be accepted by their God or Gods or Icon or Idol, by OBSERVING Rituals or the Mosaic Law or the Liturgical performances.

This is done daily by many Christian Sects and Denominations despite the Apostle Paul very clearly WARNING is against such practices in his Epistle to the Roman Church.

Romans 3:20a, AMP Para, “For No Person Will Be Justified, Made Righteous, Acquitted, And Judged Acceptable In His Sight, By Observing The Works Prescribed By the Mosaic Law, or By Rituals, Or By The Liturgy.”

All kinds of Religious Institutions often can try to create a Power Base around their own Liturgical Formulas or Rituals.

This is why Paul explained in great detail in His Epistle to the Roman Church that these Observances cannot Justify you.

Paul did however illustrate How To Be Made Right With God with such absolute clarity, that we would need a very deceptive Agnostic Theological Professor to confuse us, so as not to perceive the real Gospel Message.

In Romans 3:21a, AMP Para, “But now the Righteousness of God has been revealed independently and altogether apart from the Law or Ritualism or Liturgical Observances.”

In fact the Righteousness of God has been Revealed independently not just from the Mosaic Law, but also apart from all forms of Religious Legalism, Ritualism, or Liturgical Observances, or any type of Serpent Worship.

But the Law and Prophets did actually attest to the coming Revelation of a New Kind of Righteousness.

Romans 3:21b , AMP Para, “Although actually the New Kind of Righteousness is attested by the Law and the Prophets”.

Would you like to Receive the New Kind of Righteousness?






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