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Who Are You In Christ – Not Ashamed – 2

February 11, 2023

Paul wanted to clarify in his Epistle to the Roman Church that he was NOT ASHAMED of the Gospel, because it was the Good News of Christ.

Paul also wanted to establish that this Good News was to be Preached to the Jew First and then to Gentiles.

This preference for Preaching to Jews first is often overlooked in any discussion of the Gospel.

There must have been something extremely powerful in the Good News of the Gospel, that Paul knew that the Jews would greatly appreciate and understand the significance of, for Paul to say that this Gospel must be Preached to the Jews First.

What does Paul Teach that the Gospel is?

Romans 1:16b, AMP, “For it is God’s Power working unto Salvation for deliverance from Eternal Death to everyone who Believes,”

The Good News of Christ’s Gospel is that God’s Power is working unto our Salvation for deliverance from ETERNAL DEATH, to everyone who Believes.

So if you Believe the Gospel you Receive God’s Salvation which DELIVERS you from Eternal Death.

Who can Qualify for Deliverance from Eternal Death?

Everyone who Believes in the Good News of the Gospel.

If you are ASHAMED of the Gospel it means that you have not fully understood and Believed that the Gospel is God’s Power of Salvation working to deliver you from Eternal Death.

Notice that Paul is emphasising that we are delivered from Eternal Death the moment we Believe in the Good News, and not after we die.

Paul did NOT SAY that the Gospel will deliver us from Eternal Death after we get to Heaven, or after we have completed a certain Liturgical or Mosaic Ritual , or only after we have stopped Sinning and improved our Diet by becoming Vegetarian, or committed to endless Transcendental Meditation to break free of the Cycle of Reincarnation.

The Gospel delivers us from Eternal Death the moment we Believe in the Good News of Christ.

The instant you Believe in the Gospel you are no longer subject to the bondage of Eternal Death which keeps people slaves to Sin and Depravity.






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