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Who Are You In Christ

February 8, 2023

The main Aim of the Woke Agenda is to confuse people about their Identity. This Political Correctness Strategy of Identity Confusion is primarily being implemented through the Western School System.

The solution to the Identity Confusion created by the Cancel Culture Indoctrination Program, is to understand Who we are in Christ Jesus.

Unfortunately, the offices of Psychologists and Psychiatrists are full of Christians with Unresolved Guilt Complexes caused primarily by Identity Confusion.

Paul addresses the issue of Identity Confusion in his Epistle to the Roman Church.

Romans 3:20a, AMP Para, “For No Person Will Be Justified, Made Righteous And Acquitted Of Guilt, And Thereby Judged Acceptable, In His Sight By Observing The Works Prescribed By The Liturgy”

The problem is that many Believers are trying to be acquitted of Guilt by works of the Liturgy, or by works of the Mosaic Law, or by Transcendental Magical Mystery Tour Meditation, or by Psychedelic Mushrooms, or by a myriad of other Spiritual Techniques that don’t work.

If we can’t get rid of the Guilt of Sin through Religious Practices, the next step down the rabbit hole is to defend the Sin as being ‘rightful and justifiable’, which then leads to Identity Confusion.

If we excuse Sin as being Rightful, we then become Identified with the Sin.

This is why Paul made it extremely clear that no amount of participation in Works of the Liturgy or the Law, will cure us of the Guilt of Sin.

Paul clarifies in Romans 3:20b AMP Para, “For the Real Function of the Law or the Liturgy is to make men recognise and be conscious of Sin…”

The real purpose of the Law or Liturgy is to accentuate the Power of Sin, and to give Religious people a Sin Consciousness.

This is why so many Believers today insist that their Identity is a Sinner by Nature, saying “I’m just a Sinner Saved by Grace, but I’ve still got the Sin Nature at my core. This is why I can’t stop Sinning.”

Would you like to be Right with Christ?





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