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Grace Vs Woke Agenda

February 7, 2023

Paul’s Epistle to the Roman Church totally destroys every argument put forward by the ‘Woke Agenda’.

In Romans 3:23, AMP , “Since All Have Sinned And Are Falling Short Of The Honor And Glory Which God Bestows And Receives.”

It is clear from this Scripture that we have all Sinned and fallen short of the Glory of God.

If we have broken just one of the Ten Commandments, then we have Sinned and need a Saviour to Redeem us.

Of course, the Woke Agenda denies that there is such a thing as Sin, yet gets most indignant when someone happens to break one of the Woke’s PC Commandments about what we are supposedly allowed to say.

Wokeism is actually another form of Spiritual Legalism.

The Gospel of Grace on the other hand, explains how we are Redeemed from the penalty of Sin freely by the Grace of Jesus Christ.

Romans 3:24 AMP, “All Are Justified and made upright and in Right Standing with God, freely and gratuitously by His Grace, His unmerited Favor and Mercy, through the Redemption which is provided in Christ Jesus,”

So we can see that Grace is the antidote for the poison of Wokeism.

We are placed into Right Standing with God freely by His Grace, and therefore the need to pay for Indulgences to Sin and to spring relatives from Purgatory has been completely removed.

We enter into this Grace by Faith, so all that is required from us is that we Believe that we have been made the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus, Freely by His Grace.

This is why to declare that we are still Sinners by Nature is to deny the Gift of Righteousness by the Grace of Jesus Christ.




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Craig Holme



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