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By Faith We Receive Grace

February 7, 2023

Notice Paul does NOT say in his Epistle to the Roman Church, “To all in Rome, of which only a very select few are called to be Saints”

On the contrary, Paul states that all in the Roman Church are called to be Saints.

Of course our understanding of what it means to be a Saint has been distorted, because we have been taught that to be declared a ‘Saint’, we would have had to demonstrate a Miracle or similar.

This is in no way a criticism of those who have achieved‘Sainthood’ in the Catholic Church.

Rather, we are illustrating that all Believers are called to be Saints, by the Grace of God.

Paul continues to say that we are “Designated for a Consecrated Life”.

Unless we have a Revelation of Grace, this consecration can be seen as a very difficult and almost impossible task.

Because we are “Designated for a Consecrated Life” does not mean that we would therefore live an outwardly perfect life, and never make any mistakes, and should withdraw from everyday life and live in a Secluded Monastery.

The Consecrated Life is a choice that we make not to compromise with the current Woke Agenda that is trying to infiltrate the Church.

In Paul’s time, the Church in Rome had to decide not to allow the corrupt Roman culture to prevent them from Receiving the Grace and Spiritual Blessings from our Lord Jesus Christ.

Today the Woke Agenda is attempting to enforce a Political Legalism on the Church to disconnect us from the Grace of our Saviour.

Grace and Spiritual Blessings are available to us from Jesus Christ, no matter what Legalism the Woke Agenda is trying to use to restrict the Church.





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Craig Holme



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