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How To Experience God‘S Blessing

February 3, 2023

Many Religious people are seeking ways to experience the Blessing of God.

Most Believe that the Blessing can be earned as a Favor or a Gift for strictly following Rituals or Liturgical Recitals or Prayer Bead Formulas or Icon Veneration or Transcendental Magical Mystery Tour Meditation.

Some Believe that obtaining the Blessing is a Transaction where we try to Bribe God with our sincere adherence to prescribed Religious activities, which we think obligate God or the Gods to do something for us.

When we finally work out that God doesn’t play this Game, we are now ready to Receive the Standing which is acceptable to God.

Paul discusses this in his Epistle to the Roman Church, Romans 4:4 AMP , “Now to a labourer, his wages are not counted as a Favor or a Gift, but as an obligation, something owed to him.”

Paul continues in Romans 4:5, AMP


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