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The Blessing Vs The Curse

February 1, 2023

Gods Plan of Salvation includes access to His Blessing whilst we are in the nasty Here and Now, and not just after we die and go to Heaven.

Paul illustrates this in his Epistle to the Roman Church, Romans 4:6, “Thus David congratulates the man and pronounces a Blessing on him to whom God Credits Righteousness apart from the works he does.”

Omega Course

God is not holding back from announcing a Blessing on any of us, but we are often Believing false ideas that prevent the Blessing from reaching us, and activate the Curse.

A classic example of this is when the Church was deceived into Believing in the Veneration of Icons.

There is nothing wrong with Christian Art, nor anything wrong with Icon Artwork itself as most of it is very beautiful.

In the past some Protestant Reformers have gone too far in the other direction by rejecting all forms of Christian Art as Idolatry.

However, when we start Believing that Venerating the Icon will lead to some kind of Blessing in our life, we have lost our way.

The Blessing of Christ is Pronounced on any Believer who accepts that God Credits Righteousness apart from Good Works, Rituals, Transcendental Meditation, Yoga, Prayer Beads, or Icon Veneration.

We receive the Blessing by Gods Grace through Revelation from the Holy Spirit.

If you Believe that you will benefit from performing Rituals of any kind, or Venerating Icons, your eyes will be blinded and you will not be able to Receive the promised Blessing by Grace.

This does not mean that we should not be involved in Good Charitable works of any kind, on the contrary, when we receive the Blessing of Grace we are far less judgemental of those less fortunate than ourselves, and want to do whatever we can to help them.

But we are not Justified by Good Works or Ritualism of any kind.

We do not earn Grace Points towards buying a Ticket to Heaven by participating in Rituals or by Venerating Icons.

Our Justification comes through our Faith in Christ and His Substitutionary Work at Calvary.

Paul states that “David CONGRATULATES the man”, and this means that those who discover this Revelation of God Crediting Righteousness, are to be celebrated because they are now free of the deception of Ritualism.

Would you like to be Free of the deception of Ritualism?




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