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The Law Of Attraction

January 15, 2023

Nearly everything written about the Law of Attraction by ‘New Age’ or ‘Woke’ Gurus today is completely false because it ignores Newton’s Laws of Motion.

I’m particular Newton’s Third Law of Motion, “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

It is commonly stated by the ‘Karma Gurus’, “Your Mind is a Magnet, if you think of Blessings you will attract Blessings, if you think of problems you will attract problems.”

The Karma Gurus are deliberately ignoring the “EQUAL AND OPPOSITE REACTION.”, because it doesn’t fit their deceptive Magic Formulas.

In reality, when we begin to attract Blessings we will also attract Problems on the same level.

This is why many people give up on the Law of Attraction and proclaim that it doesn’t work.

This is why ‘Karma Gurus’ tell people that still have problems in their life even after they have been thinking positively, that they need to ‘Identify their demons through Psychedelic Mushrooms, or Hypnosis, or Transcendental Meditation.’

The reasoning is that we are still experiencing problems because we have got something wrong with us.

This hypothesis creates a Guilt Complex, a feeling of inferiority, and destroys our Self Esteem.

There is no doubt that people can create additional problems for themselves by dwelling on negativity or pessimism.

However, the way to attract Success and to continue to attract Success, it to effectively deal with the problems that we simultaneously attract.

Some people Play the Ostrich Card when confronted with problems.






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