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The Promise – What Is It? – 3

December 27, 2022

For us to understand the Promise to Abraham the father of our Faith, we need to look at what the Apostle Paul explained about the Promise, in his Epistle to the Roman Church.

The Church has been able to be easily deceived by the Woke Agenda because we have been taught that the Promise is ‘Pie in the Sky’, when it is actually that we should Inherit the World.

The Woke Agenda has been focusing on the nasty here and now, whereas we have been so Heavenly minded that we have ignored the Cancel Culture indoctrination going on in nearly all of Western Universities and Colleges and Schools.

In Romans 4:13a AMP , “For the Promise to Abraham or his posterity, that he should inherit the world,”

The Promise to Abraham was that he should Inherit the World, and the Jews are able to understand this and come to terms with it in a far greater way than most of the Church.

Why is there so much absolutely ridiculous hypocrisy in the Church over the Promise to Abraham to Inherit the World?

One of the reasons that Paul was so severely persecuted by the Secular and Religious Roman authorities, was because they understood that this “Inherit the World” Teaching represented a serious threat to the then prevalent Witchcraft and Idol Worship.

If Paul had been Preaching, ‘The Promise to Abraham was that he should Inherit Pie in the Sky, and has nothing to do with this world, he would have been disregarded as a Religious Fanatic and ignored.

But the Promise to Inherit the World is a Game Changer for those making a lot of money from Selling Curses and consulting with Demon Spirits, because they now have a serious challenger in the here and now.

No member of the Woke Thought Police will have a problem if a Believer says, ‘We are all going to Heaven’, but let that same Believer say ‘we should influence the WORLD for the Kingdom of God’, and all Hell will break loose.

For the Woke Agenda Advocates the domain of Religion is exclusively in the afterlife, but governing this WORLD is their Legal Right, and Believers must not dare to intervene.

The Promise to Abraham to Inherit the WORLD basically rules out the exclusivity of all Religious Pie in the Sky Dogma and subsequent Spiritual Hypocrisy.

Paul goes on the explain in Romans 4:13b AMP, “did not come through observing the Commands of the Law but through the Righteousness of Faith”.

This illustrates that the debate that Paul was having with the Judaisers was not over whether Believers should Inherit the WORLD or not, as it is now discussed by the ‘Anti-Prosperity’ deniers of the reality of suburban life, but over How we are to Inherit the WORLD.

The Judaisers of Paul’s time were the equivalent of today’s Seventh Day Adventist Cult, declaring that Believers were not properly Saved unless they submitted to the demands of the Mosaic Law.







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