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Test Positive For Faith

November 24, 2022

We are often Shocked when we test positive for any form of sickness or disease.

We should be focused on Testing Positive for Faith if we are dealing with adversity or setbacks.

It’s easy to have a positive attitude when everything is going well, but we will encounter negative people who will endeavour to drag us into an emotional drama.

Nay-Sayers play the Fear Card to try to get people to agree with their Woke attitude of Self-Pity.

If we don’t respond to the Fear Card the Nay Sayer may try to Play the Guilt or Condemnation Card, to make us feel responsible for their current drama which was of their own creation.

The Best Strategy is to keep your distance from those who are speaking Doubt and Fear constantly, because they have become infected with the Woke Hysteria Virus.

Would you like to be inoculated against the Woke Hysteria Virus?






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Craig Holme


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