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Grace Vs The Trespass

November 23, 2022

Grace is God’s Free Gift, and it should not be compared to the Trespass of Adam.

Paul emphasised in his Epistle to the Roman Church that we should not compare the Power of Grace to the Fall of Man.

Many Believers today are discouraged because they seemingly cannot break Addictions to Porn or Alcohol or Drugs or Gambling or Worrying and Pessimistic Attitudes or Woke Hysteria.

But Paul categorically states, “His Grace is out of all proportion to the Fall of Man.” Romans 5:15a AMP

There is no equal comparison with Grace and the Trespass resulting in the Fall of Man.

If we Receive the Grace of Jesus we will overcome the Temptation of our Addictions.

Our Addictions are not more powerful than the Grace of Jesus.

Those who are dominated by Addictions have not tapped into the Power Source of Grace by Switching On to Faith.

Our Addictions are NO MATCH for the Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

To Trespass causes us to experience ‘Hausfriedensbruch’ in the German language, and we are using it because it aptly describes what happens to us when we illegally enter a space.

Addictions cause us to Trespass into areas that bring a Curse into our lives, and no amount of Woke Hysteria can justify us by breaking this Curse.

Only the Grace of Jesus can break the Curse of Addictions , and this is why Paul explained that we cannot compare Grace to the Trespass.

Would you like to Break the Curse of Addictions?







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