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Faith Vs Ego

November 22, 2022

Faith overcomes the hypocritical boasting of the Ego.

Paul exposed this issue in his Epistle to the Roman Church by stating in Romans 3:27a, AMP, “Then what becomes of our pride and our boasting? It is excluded, banished, ruled out entirely. On what Principle?”

Paul asks ‘On what Principle?’ do we overcome Egotistical Religious Pride and Boasting.

Our problem is that Our Ego loves to boast about performing Religious Rituals.

Then it becomes an Egotistical competition about whose Super- Spiritual Ritual or Woke Dogma is superior to the others.

The Pigs in ‘Animal Farm’ by George Orwell exemplified this type of Woke hypocrisy by saying that some Animals are more Equal than others.

Paul continues in Romans 3:27b, AMP Para, “On what Principle? On the principle of doing good deeds of the Law? No, but on the Principle of Faith”

On what Principle do we overcome the boastful demands of the Ego?

On the Principle of Faith, but this is very difficult for the Ego to accept because it cannot take Credit for Faith as it is the Gift of Grace.

All kinds of silly egotistical rebuttals are raised by Religious Formalists when confronted with the reality of Justification by Faith.

There is no need to Pray to the ‘Divine Child’ or to the ‘Queen of Heaven’ when we Receive the Salvation offered by Jesus Christ through Faith by Grace.

We cannot earn Faith by performing Rituals to honour the ‘Divine Child’ or the ‘Queen of Heaven’.

Only Hell could create such a diabolical deception that we would create an Idolatrous Image of the ‘Divine Child’ or of the ‘Queen of Heaven‘, and then Pray to it or bow down and worship the Image.

We are not ‘Holier than thou’ if we Worship a Graven Image, and to boast about it is ridiculous in the extreme.

There is only One Mediator between God and Man, the Man Christ Jesus, not the baby or Divine Child, nor the Heavenly Mother, neither any Angel, no matter what our Religious Ego demands!

No Egotistical Religious Authority Figure, can change God’s Plan of Salvation through Jesus Christ.

The Ego loves to Pridefully proclaim that there are ‘Many Paths To Heaven’, so that the Ego can boast that it has achieved Transcendental Mastery through its own efforts, helped along by Magic Psychedelic Mushrooms and a range of other illicit Pills.

Would you like to Overcome your Religious Ego by Grace through Faith?









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Craig Holme


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